A spokesman from computerized systems control has now informed me that the reasons for our lives is to serve the Dark Luciferians and Satanists who run our lives from behind the scenes.  I disagree with that because I strongly believe that the reason for our lives here on earth is to learn and grow and evolve in love and harmony with the rest of the human race.  However, government representatives  who have been elected by us in order that they would take care of our best interests have allowed themselves to become microwave mind controlled by their smart phones and other technology  to the extent that they now have been given a mind set of abject slaves to the self-proclaimed elite who are the aforementioned dark Luciferians and Satanists who wish to physically enslave all of us by wireless electronic means.  If all government representatives immediately disassemble and ban HAARP phased arrays which are an essential piece of the  technological enslavement jigsaw that alone would hold back our technological enslavement long enough for us to break free of all of the other pieces of the jigsaw of technological enslavement.

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