Posted on November 3, 2019 by gretta fahey
I am being attacked and non-consensually experimented on by neuro weapons. They are secret weapons which have such extreme capabilities that they are considered to be worse than death by those who know about their capabilities. They are being used to control the brain and central nervous system of those who are targeted by them and this can and is being carried out from a remote location without the criminal neuro operative needing to have direct access to the targeted individual. The individuals who are targeted by these neuro weapons no longer have the right to control their own limbs or bodily functions without permission of some unknown criminal operative who could possibly be a sadist. Neuro weapons have no place in any society for any reason.
Over many years of my non-consensual experimentation the neuro operatives have gained more and more control over my brain and central nervous system. As well as speaking to me by what could possibly be brain to brain interface they also send unwanted disturbing images into the imaging centres of my brain. I believe that it is possible to send an image into the brain of an individual without them needing to be brain to brain interfaced with a neuro operative. All images are composed of a series of electromagnetic frequency patterns and the electromagnetic frequency patterns of a very disturbing image could be sent to your brain at any time by the use of a frequency modulator and the signals they produce would be made to over ride your own electromagnetic frequency patterns. The reason I am explaining this is as follows:
I was send an image of a drab garment by an unknown neuro operative by possibly wireless electronic means. I told the neuro operative that I did not like it because I like bright colours. The neuro operatives then informed me that I would not be allowed to wear bright colours. (I am paraphrasing) If in the future those who are controlled by remote wireless neuro weapons are no longer allowed to wear bright colours it might be because of perceived status or because if one was forced to become a spy against their will they would be forced to wear unnoticeable and drab clothing.
The subject of neuro technology is being censored from most of the main stream media which is 95% privately owned by those who wish to control all power and resources on this planet and who wish to impose their will on everyone else. The are known as predatory globalists and they have Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Bushes among their ranks. They wish to control law enforcement so as to impose their will on the rest of humanity. They already control schools and universities which are now promoting socialism to the students. Capitalism is being demonized but the students are not being informed that the type of capitalism that is being demonized is not in fact capitalism but cartelism. These predatory globalists demonise United States President Donald Trump at every opportunity because he is attempting to disempower them at every opportunity and to return that power to the human race where it belongs.

We must urgently disassemble and ban microwave transmitters because microwave mind control is being used to subdue systems of government for years. Nearly all government officials are being forced to work directly under microwave transmitters and they appear indifferent to predatory globalism and the existence and abuse of neuro technology. As soon as we have microwave transmitters banned they will then return to clear thinking and we can regain our freedom.

Psychiatrists are under such extreme microwave mind control that they distribute false psychiatric appraisals of mental illness to anyone who dares tell them the truth about their experience of being abused and psychologically tortured and sometimes physically harmed by remote controlled neuro weapons.  If you tell the truth to a psychiatric hospital.  Therefore it is now treated as a crime to tell the truth. 

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