Throughout Ireland and most of the rest of the world there are widespread complaints from lawyers that they are obliged to uphold unjustifiable laws which are coming through from policy makers across the board.   Normal human behaviour is now being deemed criminal activity.

The more laws that are enacted the more crimes are available which can possibly be broken.  This in turn leads to more police arrests which in turn leads to employing more police officers and strengthening of the powers of the current establishment.   Hence, the more nonsensical laws which are being enacted the stronger the police force needs to be in order to investigate transgressions of those nonsensical laws. 

This forthcoming police state is going to be policed through wirelessly surveilling innocent people while they are going about their lives inside their own homes and elsewhere.   Do you wish to be surveilled while you are inside your own home such as is occurring to me and others like me?   Why is this allowed to continue to this day despite almost everybody throughout the Republic of Ireland having been informed about this ongoing situation of in-home surveillance and electronic harassment combined with no-touch torture techniques as per my own website which is called

  I wrote this earlier today in the third person because I was unduly influenced by the voice to skull direct communication personnel while I was writing it.   They always attempt to interfere whenever I am writing.   Most of the time they are unhelpful and distracting while I am attempting to write my blogs but on occasions I have received helpful tips from them which I have included in what I write.  However, I do not trust these unknown neuro personnel and I never would.   They are my enemies.

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