Letter sent to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

I would like to express my great respect for your unusual personality, which I learned about through the press, Serbian and abroad.

I loved reading about your ring-kissing controversy which I was trying to explain to myself. I read the articles “Pope washes the feet of prisoners”, “Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants and refugees”, about your modest living arrangement…

I came across this article in the British Guardian by chance:

“Pope Francis kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo

Pope Francis has kissed the tattoo of an Auschwitz survivor during an emotional meeting at the Vatican.

Lidia Maksymowicz , a Polish citizen who was deported to Auschwitz from her native Belarus before the age of three, showed the pope the number tattooed on her arm by the Nazis, and Francis leaned over and kissed it.

Maksymowicz, 81, told   Vatican News she did not exchange words with the pope. ‘We understood each other with a glance,’ she said.”

There is a strong possibility that I missed your statement about digital concentration camps scattered around the world, which are school examples of digital Auschwitz where people whose contemporaries you are, right now are suffering severely and that the number of those exposed as their defenders is shamefully small. As a member of the Serbian Orthodox Church, I felt a great obligation to inform the Serbian Patriarch too about the suffering of targeted individuals, because my persecutors are from his flock and also because I am a member of the Peacepink organization (in addition to some others) who constantly emphasize these words – God bans this.

I have never visited the Auschwitz Museum. My children are. They told me about the heavy sadness they felt there. I had the opportunity to see an exhibition dedicated to Auschwitz at the War Museum in London and I couldn’t separate myself from the photos of beautiful, skinny faces of children with big, dark eyes. I still remember them.

We were all convinced that the Holocaust and genocide would never happen again in history.   

I do not want to sadden you for facing the fact that your struggle and hope (and many like you, victims and descendants of victims) with the goal not to be forgotten, not to be repeated - failed.

I am a targeted individual for 34 years for political reasons, My older son was targeted individual too. He is no longer with us.  As an opponent of the ruling dictatorial regime in our own country, he was “driven” to suicide a year and half ago.

It can be read on the pages of our activist that “the proliferation of mind control and their accompanying abuse has become one of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights Thousands of innocent victims across the globe have become activists for their freedom. We are demanding an international investigation into these crimes which constitute immense violations of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

I remembered these sentences of the victims of gang stalking or electronic terrorism about the perpetrators, persecutors and abusers: “Their unethical go beyond the Nazi…”, “They realize the unfulfilled dream of Josef Mengele, torture the body and follow the mind…”.Some of us say that we are the greatest martyrs and saints in history.

Digital concentration camps with the aim of punishing, humiliating, trafficking and kidnapping people in digital, leading to murders and suicides are the nightmares of the future of us and all those who follow us. That is what we who are fighting this evil are convinced of. Many are no longer among us and have given their lives in that struggle for essential freedom.

In the hope that in the near future you will be one of the new defenders of us “most modern” detainees and slaves in sophisticated digital torture chambers,

Thank you and Best Regards

Yours sincerely

Gordana Filipovic


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