“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything” Albert Einstein

Good day,

I feel a great need to send you my sincere greetings and support to realize your ideals from a country so far away from you. 

I feel an even greater need to send you a part from the Facebook page of my beautiful, unusual, smart, brave, honest son who is no longer with us.

He showed his commitment long before the tragic event related to the death of George Floyd by setting up this post. He did not face Floyd’s suffering, but he visionary placed himself among those who always chose the right side and the side in favor of justice and humanity!

The post was posted in admiration and I will translate the content for you:

“Eh, what a weird organ called your balls.  NFL in spite of Trump – black players kneel while whites stand. The “war” between athletes and US President Donald Trump continues, and a new blow was dealt by the players of American football."
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