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腦控空間本週新聞(2021-01-01至2021-01-07)1. 2021年1月4日消息,中國中央決定在港組建(文化央企),對香港出版文化,媒體,影視界起了一定的監管作用,相信中央已正視香港媒體,影視人禍國殃民的事實,也到了零容忍的地步。 腦控機軍器私用已到威脅國家安全,按照港區國安法,香港政府有職責對危害國家安全罪行處罰,但腦控空間濫用遙控電子武器,殘害中外人士事件不停發生,仍在禍國殃民,為何香港政府視若無睹,是香港政府無能,或是法律在香港已形同虛設?2. 於1月3日至4日早上,腦控空間賤人持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛超過30小時,同時睡眠剥奪,令我腦缺氧,甚至連巴士司機,的士司機都不放過,其囂張氣焰令人髪指。背後指使者是呂珊,薛家燕。 5日下午,何守信,曾江,劉江又接力繼續電子武器摧殘無辜受害者。在場有假特首在興波作浪,空間彌漫著怪異的氣氛。3. 本週控機賤人除了電子武器摧殘受害者頭痛外,將雙腿有殘疾者同正在行走的我併感覺,令我步履蹣跚。當在家休息時,變態控機賤人將雙腿痠疼者同我併感覺,晚上遙控電子武器攻擊我腿部穴位,令我腿部痠痛難忍,難以入眠。每次當我坐下起身時,感覺非常辛苦,擔心不知何時,不能自如站起。此種種的一切,都是變態控機賤人所作的孽。 在香港,被電子武器摧殘至腿有殘疾者不勝其數,放目皆是。難道香港醫療福利好,就可以放任電子武器和賤人任意殘害市民身體健康,為何特區政府不管不問?難道香港政府也被害成了跛腳政府?Mind Control Space News this week (January 1st to 7th, 2021)1. On January 4, 2021, the central government of China decided to establish a (cultural central enterprise) in Hong Kong, which played a certain regulatory role in Hong Kong’s publishing, culture, media, television and entertainment industries. I believed that the central government has faced up to the fact that Hong Kong media, television and entertainment industries have caused the seriously harm to country securities and the people. It has already reached the situation which China government can not tolerate.The mind control machines are military equipment, only use for military only, not private user, according to national military law, that privately used have threatened to national security. According to the Hong Kong National Security Law, the Hong Kong government has the responsibility to execute and punish such crimes. However, the remote controlled electronic harassment keeps continue to tortured Chinese both local and oversea, which have already caused wreck to the country and the people. Why the Hong Kong government turn a blind eyes to the fact, is the Hong Kong government lack of criminal capacity as well as criminal responsibility?2. Start at the morning of January 3rd to 4th, the metamorphosis mind controller continued to remotely control electronic weapons tortured me for headaches over 30 hours, even bus drivers and taxi drivers. At the same time, sleep deprivation and caused me cerebral hypoxia. As known this harassment token order from Rosanne Lui and Nancy Sit.On the afternoon of the 5th, Ivan Ho, Kenneth Tsang and Lau Kong continued harassment for innocent victims. Also the false chief executive indulged to do so, the space is filled with a weird atmosphere in this few days.3. After electronic harassment, the metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with some patients whom got injured and disabled on both legs when I walking, made me felt stagger. When I back home, the controller mapping me with someone who got sore legs. At night, remote DEW attacked acupuncture points on my legs, tortured for legs sore to unbearable. Every time when I sit down, I felt so hard to stand up, I worrying about may can not stand up someday. All about caused by the metamorphosis mind controller and the gang stalkersIn Hong Kong, there are countless people whose legs have been ruined by DEW to disabled. As known we have good medical welfare in Hong Kong, that not means you can attacked Hong Kong citizens what ever you want? Why the SAR government leave the problems alone? Is the Hong Kong government dying or also disabled too?
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