5g can be used to murder the vaccinated (1)

All of the following valuable information has been presented by British weapons expert Mark Steele and can be found at the following online link https://www.bitchute.com/video/oYSXpTjNXYrY/.
5G is a sub gigahertz long range urban target aquisition weapons system. With frequency weapons the higher the frequency the less penetration through walls the weapons system has. The lower the frequency being used by a weapons system the more power it has to penetrate through concrete walls, lift shafts and underground bunkers. When it does so it can make the concrete walls and other barriers disappear and those who operate it can then see who is behind those barriers and murder them provided those who are behind those barriers have been vaccinated with what are being called covid-19 vaccines.
What are known as covid-19 vaccines are biological and chemical weapons and they are inter-linked with the 5G weapons system. What are known as covid-19 vaccines contain graphene oxide antennas which self replicate inside the bodies of the recipients. Those who have been injected with what are known as covid-19 vaccines are now emitting a code known as an ip address that can be tracked and picked up anywhere. Those who are vaccinated with what is known as the covid-19 vaccine have nowhere to hide. The only way they can survive being murdered for the purposes of de-population is by having the 5G weapons system disassembled and banned.
Some Satanists and Luciferians whose numbers are only in the low thousands are planning mass extermination of the human race but can not begin their planned mass murder until everyone has been vaccinated. Millions if not billions of people throughout the world have remained unvaccinated which means that those who plan to mass murder us will not do so until everyone has been vaccinated therefore making it safe for them to begin the mass killing. 5G phones do not exist. What are known as 5G phones are a hoax because if 5G were in a phone it would immediately explode the phone battery and kill whoever tried to use it.
If the Satanists and Luciferians who plan mass genocide of the people of the world manage to persuade everyone to take the vaccine they will also genocide those who have helped them with their evil plan thus far such as members of the intelligence services and some politicians and others because Satanists and Luciferians have no loyalty to anyone other than themselves.
A 24 month fuse containing pathogens was built into at least some of what are known as the covid-19 vaccines under a time release system which is set to release those pathogens 24 months after the vaccinated has received their first vaccine. Some British people received their first vaccine in December 2020 which means that the release of those pathogens has already kicked in which has resulted in an increase in the British death rate in the past month.
Ionispheric technologies and possibly other technologies which are being used in weapther modification have been used to attempt to subdue the thought processes in people throughout the world but now people are waking up to the truth at last.
When members of the public in Sunderland in the United Kingdom went to a vaccination centre to receive their vaccine a team of surveillance personnel were in a building across the road from that vaccine centre using radar technologies in order to check if those who had just received their vaccine were emitting a tracking code as they came out of the vaccination centre. This fact has been verified in a Sunderland court case.
For this and other information please watch the video presented by British weapons expert Mark Steele which is available at the above online link.

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