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Petition the ACLU to Assist Electronic Harassment And Stalking Victims
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Published by Delisa on Jun 09, 2010
Category: Human Rights
Target: ACLU
Background (Preamble):

There is wide spread evidence that a growing number of citizens within the U.S are being harassed and
assaulted with directed energy weapons, false imprisonment due to
victimization as a target, rape, breaking and entering of homes and
serious health problems are being reported by people of all walks of
life due to nonconsensual experimentation of directed energy weapons by
law enforcement, the military and the whole sale of weapons and
contracts by corporations to individuals to stalk, harass, torture and
research on U.S citizens without their consent.

The ACLU wrote a report called "The Surveillance Industrial Complex: How
the American Government is Conscripting Business and Individuals in the
Construction of a Surveillance Society," so your group is aware that
persons are being surveyed but the depth of harassment, invasion and
human rights violations of the crime of Domestic Surveillance is one
that must be fought and desperately requires representation.

We are respectfully asking you to assist us in having a voice.
We the American people of these United States call on the ACLU to assist us in our fight to restore order,
justice and human rights to these victims of Electronic Surveillance,
Harassment and Gang stalking.

If given representation, evidence to show the true depths of
victimization and assault of these crimes may be submitted.

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