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Ireland has become a multi-cultural society over the past thirty years approximately.  There are many advantages to this situation, including having friends with many different back-grounds.   There is one major disadvantage which has come to the fore.   We live in a world containing approximately forty million Satanists and dark Luciferians.      These dark occultists are planning to enslave the human race by invading all countries throughout the world and by inserting themselves into all power institutions within all countries.   This has already been achieved.   These dark occultists do not advertise their presence.  They operate strictly through secret societies.    There are approximately two hundred countries in the world.  There could be as many as ten thousand Satanists living in Ireland.   They all have the same agenda which is to take over our lives and to enslave all of us completely by wireless means and by a large variety of other means.  Naivety is not an attractive quality in an adult human being.   You have a duty to become a politician activist in order to protect the freedom of Ireland.

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There are many people's name listed on "To You Our Selected Witness" email protesting material. I'm wondering about the possibility of asking them to join a SSN to be able to communicate within the people on the list. It could be here or Monika's SSN, or somewhere else. When the survey was first introduced to the victims, we did not have social network. It was marely some website and forums like Fedame.

Social network website has many features like blogging and others. It would be nice to know others who are on the list more, so that only few active people from the list is not the ones capable of communicating to each other. If it's possible, the people on the list might be able to create a group to join and to know each other in the discussion. Because the list has been awhile on the net, and we don't know what happened to all the people who voluntary filled the form. I thought it helps to keep the victims tied in one place together.

The point is that the survey was done by the mail team and some team members have own social networks, so it would be nice if one of them who is interested in this option could take the responsibility and contact the people on the list for invitation to the network to belong.

Like, I've been a TI since 2006, so it's already 4 years for me. I am just curious how others who have been on the lists doing. Like it's a chance of reunion, you know.
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I think most TIs are dependent on the resources based on the online resources. What happens when the Internet got shut down by the US government by the false cyber-terrorism? They might do it if they really engage with the war with Iran. Israel seems to have interest on attacking the neighboring countries such as Syria and Lebanon to take the advantage of the sudden attack on Arabs. Rockefeller is also the one who likes the restriction on the Internet for free speech among citizens. I don't have no intention to involve in such nonsense, but I want to make sure TIs are capable of surviving such hard time if that happens.

The problem is that the TIs' communication are also depend on the Internet. If we lose the connection, then we may not be able to communicate easily. This problem could be solved if we share phone numbers or mailing addresses with the TI friends. Some TIs and organization share their phone numbers and such, so it also help to get connected.

Here is the suggestion: how about to create the the resource package including the information on EH, GS, and famous EH/GS cases? I mean, what I think important is the reliable resources that the individual TIs can use as the backup of their claims even they are disconnected from others. When they want to file the case, such package can help the TI to give enough credibility.
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The link to the below petition form.

Petition the ACLU to Assist Electronic Harassment And Stalking Victims
219 Signatures gmap.png
Published by Delisa on Jun 09, 2010
Category: Human Rights
Target: ACLU
Background (Preamble):

There is wide spread evidence that a growing number of citizens within the U.S are being harassed and
assaulted with directed energy weapons, false imprisonment due to
victimization as a target, rape, breaking and entering of homes and
serious health problems are being reported by people of all walks of
life due to nonconsensual experimentation of directed energy weapons by
law enforcement, the military and the whole sale of weapons and
contracts by corporations to individuals to stalk, harass, torture and
research on U.S citizens without their consent.

The ACLU wrote a report called "The Surveillance Industrial Complex: How
the American Government is Conscripting Business and Individuals in the
Construction of a Surveillance Society," so your group is aware that
persons are being surveyed but the depth of harassment, invasion and
human rights violations of the crime of Domestic Surveillance is one
that must be fought and desperately requires representation.

We are respectfully asking you to assist us in having a voice.
We the American people of these United States call on the ACLU to assist us in our fight to restore order,
justice and human rights to these victims of Electronic Surveillance,
Harassment and Gang stalking.

If given representation, evidence to show the true depths of
victimization and assault of these crimes may be submitted.

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