Christianity (1)

Organised religions came into being for the purposes of social control. All countries use religious indoctrination to control the minds of their people. Religion is the suppression of free thought. The one thing all religions have in common is that they regiment the thoughts of the believers. The believers become unable to think outside the compartment which has been prepared for them. Religions allow a small group of powerful men to control a much larger population.
If a non-religious philosophy is adequate to provide a moral foundation for society what then is the purpose of an organised religion, other than obtaining money, power and status for the leaders of that religion and other than mind controlling the adherents of that religion into a mind set of absolute obedience to the religious leaders.
I was raised by a religon which encouraged cruelty towards women and children. We were beaten with canes in the religious school which I attended. Unmarried mothers were treated very cruely in mother and baby homes throughout my country.
Satanic Ritual Abuse and Ritual Human Sacrifice are currently being used to traumatise those who are forced to attend those rituals into a state of absolute obedience to a small group of powerful men. Ritual Human Sacrifice is being set up for more widespread use in order to further traumatise the masses into a state of absolute obedience to authority. Members of the World Economic Forum and World Health Organiseation are known Satanists.
Christians celebrate the re-enactment of a brutual human sacrifice on an alter every day because they are being mentally prepared to accept real human sacrifices in the very near future in order to traumatise them into a state of absolute obedience to a small group of powerful men known as the Illuminati. The top level Illuminati are believed to be headquartered in the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. The well known Illuminati such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are simply Illuminati managers for the Top Lever Saudi Arabian Illuminati and they live in fear of their masters.

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