adrenachrome (1)

Due to ongoing wireless brain interference, politicians, the military and police worldwide have become so incompetent that they are busy implementing policies which are in the very worst interests of their own people. Why is this situation allowed to occur?
Any government throughout the world that was asked by their own citizens to provide proof of the existence of a covid-19 virus under the Freedom of Information Act have failed to do so. The Covid-19 virus has never been identified, isolated or purified at any time or in any place throughout the entire world.
The PCR tests and the Antigen Tests are highly unreliable and yet the PCR test has been used as the reasoning behind locking down the entire world.
Scientists, medical professionals and others have appealed to us in online forums to avoid taking poisonous covid-19 vaccines but their information is being censored from the mostly privately owned main stream media.
The real reason extra people are dying is from some of the following reasons:-
5G millimeter wave radiation combined with graphene oxide nano particles found inside vials of covid-19 vaccines and now also found inside the bodies of those who have been vaccinated is leading to oxygen starvation and is also leading to lowered levels of glutathione. The ingredients found within the covid-19 vaccine also lead to blood clotting within the human body. Further to that, some drugs such as MIDAZOLAM and REMDESIVIR which are now being used by the medical profession because of policies which originate in the World Health Organisation are euthenising the patients who they are being administered to. Those who wish us to submit to their will under false concern for public health and also under false concern for the environment are mainly believed to be Satanists who often practice human sacrifice and the drinking of the blood of their victims for the purposes of ingesting a substance called Adrenachrome which is secreted from the adrenal glands of people when they are tortured. The Satanists who practice human sacrifice believe that drinking blood and eating flesh containing Adrenachrome will prolong their own lives.
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