buddhism (1)

housing mobbing with psioctronica

are killing us with bioresonance technology is done by creating phantom sensory perception.In Cataluña(Spain).

for banks that are victims of external debt,recover the money with the absorption properties,houses etc...workers belonging to labor,to which banks and savings banks 45 years ago helped to buy on credit,to do business with couples who married and wanted a family,now with this crisis created on purpose,banks want to recoup the money they have lost,and specialized people pay for this work.

So families are kept apart by hatred created,introduced into the unconscious mind it:

revulsion toward women

want to know young to fuck

see old and useless to women


hatred of women


separate and sell the floor, as no work,rent a flat wretched,and live the rest of your life hating,One of them certainly make a victim of psychiatry and live the rest of his life medicated.

wins the bank, the technical specialist worker wins the physician, pharmaceutical gains.

and society becomes a string of hate.

know scientists, parapsychologists know, neuroscientists know, fat politicians know this and drive it to get more money.


In Catalonia as a culture are dying because they are using it to create hatred for the Catalan.everyone hates the mental control of another race or another culture.


and we're allowing.........

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