canada day gaslighter (1)


This morning on Saturday, July 2nd, I ran into Canadian journalist, Andrew Coyne, while he was walking his dog. This is not the first time we've crossed paths but it is the frst time we've been alone.

"Part of pigs at the trough is here" was my first remark since Coyne is a conservative who worries more about balanced budgets than human rights. (He is the son of the second Governor of the Bank of Canada.)

Our interlude resulted in my writing my full name on a piece of paper & giving it to him since he claimed he did not know who I was. I told him I do not beleive him (& I do not). I stressed that I hate bad drama but that's what he was about. "Why are you so angry?" he asked. "Because I hate spineless journalists like you & our "At Issue" panel.  ("At Issue" airs Thursdays on CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a federal crown corporation funded by the government or more accurately, the taxpayer.)

As I handed Coyne the paper, I emphasized I was easy to find provided he had the spine to follow up & stated surveillance will now watch him as he goes about either pretending he's looking to find out who I am or not. Will he go through the motions? Will he bother? Did he discard the paper as soon as I left? Is Andrew Coyne just another gaslighter? Have journalists formed a support group? (More bad theatre.)

The very first time I saw Coyne in this area was at the drugstore & I'd argue he recognized me immediately. Since voice-to-skull is now ever present in my life, it has given me a recognition that carries into my pedestrian existence. People have noticed. Yesterday was Canada Day - the country's 155th birthday. I did not celebrate. Another reason to be discouraged if not angry. Targeted individuals are not to display their emotions. Instead, we are to internalize our feelings, remain ill, disillusioned & tortured.

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