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An eminent London based cardiologist called Dr M M came out in public last week on British national television asking for the immediate cessation of what is known as the covid-91 vaccine. His nine month long peer reviewed paper on the matter has gone around the world and has been endorsed by more than twenty thousand medical experts. This doctor also published a four minute video on the dangers of what is known as the covid-19 vaccine. This video was shown to a local police inspector who was made fully aware of the dangers of this aforementione vaccine. This vaccine is known by the N.H.S. and by the British government to be causing harm, injury and death on a massive scale and that information is being ignored by them. The N.H.S. are fully aware of the dangers of the vaccine and they have been given a significant amount of irrefutable data which was obtained from the British governments own website, the Office of National Statistics, which fully supports the harm that vaccines are causing and it is being ignored.
The N.H.S. is committing gross negligance and manslaughter. This is a crime scene. The N.H.S. have a duty of care. They are failing in their duty of care. They are continuing to vaccinate and that makes this a criminal offence and it is now being officially recognised as a criminal offence and a crime reference number has been issued with regard to this crime. That crime reference number is either 5 22 22 2 36 390 or 5 22 22 36 390.
A group of concerned citizens began a protest outside a vaccine centre which is located on university owned grounds. Two police officers were present at the protest. The concerned citizens informed the two police officers of their concerns. They informed the police officers that they wanted the vaccine centre to be closed down immediately on the grounds that the vaccines are causing harm, injury and death on a massive scale. They concluded that the N.H.S. is causing harm to the public and that they were within their rights to come to the vaccine centre and to make sure that no more harm was caused.
One of the police officers who was present at the vaccine centre said that he was there to protect university property and he was also there to keep everyone safe. However, he stated that he would not close down the vaccine centre because there was a democratic process to go through to deal with those concerns. One of the protestors stated that the police officer would be complicit in criminal activity in his own personal capacity if anyone got injured by a vaccine which they recieved from that vaccine centre on that day. Another of the protestors said that the World Council for Health had gone on a campaign across the world saying ' Please stop this vaccine', and also twenty thousand doctors from acorss the world had signed a petition saying 'Please stop this vaccine'. Another protestor informed that police officer that the roll of a British police officer was to prevent harm, injury, death, loss and to keep the peace and also that police officers are not allowed by law to turn a blind eye to harm being caused. A protestor also added that the vaccine is a weapon and it is not a medical device.
The police officer then asked the protestors why they were protesting outside the vaccine centre and what their intentions were. One of the protestors responded as follows:-
"We will remain here until this vaccine centre is closed permanently and we will do the same at any and all other vaccine centres in order to protect people from harm, injury or death, which is being caused with the knowledge of the British Government, and with the knowledge of the N.H.S., and with the knowledge of members of the British parliament and with the knowledge of the British Police and with the knowlede of the M.H.R.A. We are not here to break the law. We are here peacefully and calmly. Under common law, we have a right under section 24A to use force as is reasonably necessary and proportionate if we believe damage is about to occur or injury is about to occur." Then the protestor informed the police officer of the following :- You are here standing in your own capacity and you are responsible for your actions and inactions, as am I."

Another protestor then informed the police officer who was present the following "We are here to work with you and not against you. I know that people in the police have been injured from these vaccines and I know that people in the military have been injured from these vaccines. You have been put on notice now and we are telling you that there is  currently a crime being committed inside that vaccine centre so any death, loss or injury that occurs from now on, you are personally complicit in it and will be held responsible for that. The police officer then informed the protectors that someone would come here to speak to them shortly and he left. Before the two police officers left they gave their names and numbers to one of the protestors. One of them was called P.C. Dexter, number 4692 and I could not hear the name or number of the other police officer who was the main spokesman because of background noise.
Another police officer arrived later and said to one the protestors the following:- I appreciate that this is a matter that you feel strongly about. The protestor responded "Why dont you feel strongly about it." The police officer responded that the vaccination program is a lawful action. The protestor replied that it is not lawful if harm, injury and death is being caused with the knowledge of the powers that be. Such a law doesn't exist." The police officer responded as follows:- It is an unlawful activity if you try to intimidate people who turn up for a vaccine. You are on private land. If the owners ask you to leave you are then trespassing. That is potentially aggravated trespass and people may get arrested. Outside the university campas on public land you are perfectly entitled to put on a peaceful protest there. The protestor responded as follows "We now have a live criminal investigation because of the alligations which were made with supporting evidence, not opinion, evidence. You are standing here as a police constable while telling me that you are not going to look at any evidence that supports criminal activity on these premices (the vaccine centre). I am now demanding of you in your capacity as a public servant where crimes are being committed, where evidence has been produced, ........the police officer walked away. The protestor followed him and said the following "Do not patronise me, do not walk away from me or disrespect me. Those pips on your shoulders do not make you more important than me. You are not listening. You are ignoring factual evidence. You work for the people. We are telling you crimes are being committed. We have the factual evidence. The police officer then said that he had a phone call to take and he would come back.

Another protestor then spoke to the police officer as follows:- It is imperative that this (vaccination program) gets stopped today. We have an ongoing crime number . The police officer said that he was not going to get involved in that situation. That protestor then said the following to the police officer "You have to, Sir. This is your duty. You work for us, Sir. Your oath of office is to serve us. What don't you understand about that, Sir." The police officer then repeated that he was not getting involved in that situation. The protestor then responded by saying the following "I am now putting you on notice that if one other person gets injured, damaged or worse still,  dies, from this moment on, you are complicit in the crime. Another protestor was then heard to say the following to one of the police officers as follows:- " Are you aware that you are now misconducting yourself in public office and committing an offence under common law." The police officer said " I am here dealing with an incident. Please do not obstruct me." The protestor replied as follows "I am not obstructing you. I have lawful authority to do this. You are ignoring evidence of serious crime. You are responsible for this."
I found this information and much more at the following online bitchute video link I could not hear it clearly because there was alot of background noise. I only listened to the first thirty six minutes even though the video went on for one hour and twenty minutes. I could not decipher the name of the eminent London Cardiologist who make the four minute video asking for the vaccination program to be stopped immediately. Many of the protestors were experts in common law. The police officers are under the influence of electronic mind control programming. They are forced to work close to microwave transmitters and other types of tranmitters. They are unable to think clearly. There is overwhelming evidence to support this claim.

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