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Sex, addiction, sexual drive, CIA

At the beginning (and now on) the CIA used sexual orgies to pleasure killers and frustrated dealers. They looked for guys who have been frustrated they kept them in frustration, and brainwashed, and before and after action they invited them to an orgy with drugs and ready for everything drugged hypnotized girls. This made it possible to have these guys loyal and carve for the next action. It worked like pavlovian reflex.

They tried to build rapport with me through sexuality as well. The main goal is to have you hooked on their direction. They want to control you to make money for them or carry out tasks.

The way they tried to get me through sexual drive:

I was laying in my bed waiting for night dream. Slowly sexual fantasy developed in my mind and they stimulated my genital. In my head through voice to skull audio they started to play sound of a sexual action in consonance with the rhythm of stimulation. I felt something strange and because in the past month they tried to get me involved in pedophilia, I was scared to even think of sex.

So I have used meditation method to avoid thinking of sex at all. It worked. A bit later they started again but they turned the volume a bit lauder. That was the point when I realized that it is artificial virtual sex. Unfortunately it was very good. It was too good, and I knew this is not to pleasure me but to hook me on this kind of virtual sex and get me drove by this for their purposes. I resisted and I try to resist all times. It makes my life in real world to have honest and lived through sexual contact with a real person. But I am alive, and I am not a puppet in their hands.


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