dna enabled enslavement (1)

If criminals know your unique brain signature they can then assault you from a distance while you are inside your own home by means of electromagnetic frequencies. They can receive and transmit data to and from your body. They use crispr gene editing to control your muscles from a distance. They can curtail all of your muscle movements from a vast distance to the extent that you would not be able to move a single muscle in your body without their permission if they had enough time to transmit enough data to your brain and body to make that occur. It would take several years. By doing that they could turn you into a remote controlled slave on a part time basis and they have done that to several men and women but those victims have no way as yet of proving to the police that this is happening to them. Further to that, those who use crispr gene editing on slaves or on themselves can grow wings or a tail and pass themselves off as extra-terresterials for the purposes of generating public confusion so as to effect politicial decisions being made throughout the world.
You will find further information about virtual assualt from a distance on a youtube channel called Sherry's Stories. You must warn your friends and family and share this information because many who are being assaulted and controlled in this way are attempting suicide and some are succeeding. Further to that, the police wont believe you if you report the crime because you will have no way of proving it is occurring. I am a victim of continual virtual assault and it is coming to me from an unknown remote location and by unknown assailants and it is occurring against my will and without my permission. I have already reported the matter to the police and I was not believed and they mandated me to attend for psychiatric evaluation. I am afraid to return to the police because I am afraid of psychiatric intervention because in the past the extreme side effects of psychiatric drugs have tortured me from the inside out. MY name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. What is to be done?
In the near future there may be an official national DNA database in each country throughout the world. When that day arrives those who are now setting up a worldwide dictatorship under the guise of a pandemic will be able to transmit digital signals into the brains and bodies of any one on earth in order to torture them if they should challenge their dictatorship. People are really dying from slow acting poisons within anti-flu vaccines and covid-19 vaccines and those deaths are being falsely presented as a covid-19 pandemic.

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