forged signatures (1)

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.
I must have been implanted with bio-technology without my awareness or consent and I am now non-consensually brain to brain interfaced with unknown neuro operatives who speak to me from unknown remote locations. I frequently write down some of what is broadcast into my head by those who have committed me to this situation. Here are some of the most recent broadcasts which I have received into my head as follows:-
"Is she a selfish lover.?" "This question does not apply to Gretta because she is celibate." "There is no such phenomenon as celibacy because under our regeime everyone must be sexually active and married." I myself responded to that remark as follows:- "You are Luciferian and I don't agree with your point of view. I then heard the following from the same source :- "Is she anit-Luciferian." "Yes" "She will attend a seminar on Luciferianism." I responded as follows:- "I refuse to attend." The reply was "Then you won't exist."
Other comments which I heard from the same source are as follows:-
"She didn't switch off the heating in one room when she moved to a different room."
"If we succeed in worldwide takeover no one will be allowed to use pens but instead pencils."
"You are torturing a good woman inside her own home. " "Make no mistake, I will win out in the end."
"There is no breaker between us and Gretta Fahey."
"She will go missing, presumed dead." "Will she be dead." "No. She will be in one of our underground chambers."
"Is she churched." "No." "How do you get these candidates for these non-consensual torture programs. You couldn't have picked a worse protocol if you tried."
"Poor Hygiene." ( I dont have poor hygiene. I have excellent hygiene but all targeted individuals who are chronicling their day to day electronic harassment and psychological torture experiences inform online readers and viewers that they are also wrongly accused of having poor hygiene because those who braodcast messages into their heads receive payment for upsetting them by any means possible.
"Who let her into the system." " She is not in the system. We target her remotely without allowing her to know who we are or where we are located."
"I would stab you if you were in front of me."
"Don't ever bring someone that is hostile to the system here again."
"She is heavily systemized and nothing to show for it."
"Go and wash your teeth." ( This was said to me within minutes of me eating my dinner and I was about to make myself a cup of tea.)
"We are paid incrementally to make negative comments about you."
"We have paperwork here to say you sold your home and your signature is on it." ( Advances in brain weaponry allow unknown others to copy anyone's signature accurately and place it on legal documents without the consent of the victim. What should we do to counter this technological capability.)

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