remote neural monitoring is being used to collect (1)

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to get negative information on people in order to then turn them into blackmailed slaves and that is why criminal gangs have got so big recently. Most of the criminals have been forced to join the criminal gangs by means of blackmail and the negative information used to blackmail them was obtained through the process of Remote Neural Monitoring.
If you have a spotless mind by never having committed an offence and never having any addictions or financial debt you are in a very powerful position and you can use that situation to expose Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation. However, the more nano technology which is inside your body and brain the more you can then be externally physically controlled similar to a mechanical robot to speak and act the way others program you to speak and act.

No matter how many people are in a criminal gang, even if it thousands of people and they are all hiding behind it each other and even if they are all endorsing each others activities it is still a criminal gang and each of them will eventually face the consequences of their actions alone without the support of their group.

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