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Supercomputer software programming will manipulate the emotions and behaviour and it can all be done remotely.
A device broadcasts a radio frequency at an individual and that radio frequency will hook up with the resonant frequency of that individuals DNA. They have contracts with laboratories which do blood tests etc. and they aquire an individuals DNA by this means sometimes.
The resonant frequency of the individuals DNA is then determined and is fine tuned to the technology such as the radio frequency signals and the microwave auditory effect. In other words, the broadcast frequency of the technology is adjusted to resonate at the same frequency that the targeted individuals DNA resonates at, and when that happens both frequencies then interlock as one energy thereby creating a bi-directional super highway of frequency along which information can be sent is created which is as effective at sending and receiving information as a fibre optic cable.
Once the targeted individual is connected to the system and they resonate together then you have a perfect avenue upon which to send and receive information back and forth. By this means they then manipulate someones thoughts, they send voices into someones head, they manipulate their emotions, they manipulate their behaviour and they also harvest data from the targeted individual such as their vital signs, their thoughts, their emotions, what the person is seeing, what the person is hearing, what muscles the person is moving and then all that information is rendered on a computer via software and that targeted individual can be monitored and tracked in real time. The neuro operative can see what the targeted individual is seeing because what the targeted individual is seeing is rendered in a visual form on the computer screen of the neuro operative.
People who are being covertly remote neural monitored are having thoughts which they think are coming from their own minds but they are being transmitted into their heads from a distance by operatives who control the technology. This technology can be used to sway opinions of individuals or groups and it can be used to turn individuals against each other. It can be used to manipulate not just our thoughts but also our emotions and behaviour. This technology is decades old and is to be rolled out throughout the world and every man, woman and child is eventually to be under the influence of this technology. The true control grid is this technology and examples of it are voice to skull, hive mind, behaviour manipulation technology.
Here is the link to the video where that Bryan Kofron information is to be found

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