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We all now have nano technology in our brains from vaccines which contain nano technology which has the ability to pass the blood brain barrier and when amounts of that nano technology become embedded in our brains it can then be placed under wireless external control so that others can use it to analyse our brains and bodies and also to read our thoughts and reply to them in real time. Overt victims of this capability are known as targeted individuals. I am a targeted individual and here is a small sample of what the voice to skull operatives have been broadcasting into my head recently
"Kill her brain cells" 14th Dec. 2022, approx 4.15 pm.
"I would like to encourage you to be kinder to my staff. 14th Dec, 2022 4.25 pm approx.
"Senior Gardai should have arrested us by now. They know who we are and where to find us. Yet, they don't arrest us. Why is this. I then asked "Do you wish to be arrested" "Yes" was the response. I then asked why and the reply was as follows "Because no good can come of this situation and we can not appeal to your kindness because you don't know us but we don't live too far from you, on the road to Claremorris, around Newbrook. My opinion of that message is that I don't believe a word of it and furthermore, those individuals who have been wirelessly torturing me for nearly twenty years live in Britian or the U.S. I believe that those who electronically harass and psychologically torture me are not Irish and I believe that they are mostly located in the United States and electronically torture me from there. They often use American termonology and they appear to know nothing whatsoever about Ireland, and they often make American references when they speak. I should know this because they have been talking to me constantly, both day and night for nearly twenty years. Furthermore I have been stalked by means of organised stalkers in the past and they used to come to my home at dusk or sometimes or after dark and make noise in my back garden in order to frighten me. Those organised stalkers who I have wrongly called field workers in the past because I did not know the correct term to use to describe them are possibly Irish. I saw one of them very clearly from my bedroom window one summer's night, possibly in 2003. He was standing in my back garden staring in at me, and he was young, about eighteen years old and he looked as if he was a drug addict and the reason I say that is because he was thin and fragile looking and why would an eighteen year old man be in my back garden at approximately 4.30 am in June 2003 ( I am not sure of the date and time but it must have been June because it was bright at approximately 4.30 am. I saw him clearly and then he ran away. I have seen other organised stalkers also, who were hanging around the farm yard which is attached to the house where I live. I chased one of them away one night and he knocked a stone wall in his hurry to get away from me. Furthermore, I believe I know why the man who broadcast that message into my head said what he said. He said it in order to provoke the Gardai to come to my home at Newbrook and bother me. I don't want them coming to my home and bothering me because I know that they are under electronic mind control programming to force anyone who is hearing voice broadcasts to see a psychiatrist. I would gladly choose death than speak to a psychiatrist because I despise them. They are hindering wireless torture victims from getting the truth out to the public because anytime we attempt to get the truth out to the public that we are being wirelessly tortured they instead falsely pronounce us to be mentally ill so that we can not ever get the message to the public that wireless invisible and silent weapons are in widespread use throughour Ireland and the wider world. I also despise the Gardai because they also hinder the efforts of wireless torture victims who are trying to the the truth out to the public that we are all under attack from wireless no touch torture weapons.
Other voice to skull messages which I have received are as follows:-
"Ethical policies towards her have not worked so this is what we are doing instead." 5.05 am 13th Dec. 2022
"They put a traffic tracker down outside her home and there is no traffic." 4.47 am on 13th Dec. 2022
"We have a nasty cunt" 4.08 am 13th Dec. 2022
"Informed consent?" "No" "Fake it" 4.42 am 13th Dec. 2022
"She has weight gain since I was last here." 9.45 pm 12 th Dec. 2022
"Will this agency be able to take control of this woman's entire body in the future" "Yes" "I am not in favour of that" 7.32 pm 8th Dec. 2022.
"She won't get away with it much longer because they are cracking down on it." 8.56 am 1st Dec 2022 (That was said in response to me sending letters to members of Mayo County Council and to the main stream medai and to senior politicians. (Another v2k voice said while I was typing this the following "We will censor this post if you put this on it because we don't want our colleagues to know that we block some of your emails."
"We will have to put an end to her if she is complaining." 11.30 pm 16th Nov. 2022
"I need you to do her jaws. I want to control her speech." 11.50 16th Nov. 2022
"On the bed most of the time." 6.30 pm 20th Nov. 2022.
"I am going to shit all over you" 8.05 pm 20th Nov. 2022
"We can't move her and that's a problem." 10.20 am 21st Nov. 22.
"The stupid lady, she is antagonising the Americans." "We don't listen to her." 11.45 am 22nd Nov. 2022
"Can the kettle be put on any oftener." 3.20 pm 22nd Nov. 22.
"We have nothing on her." "Can we get something on her to allow me to save face" "No."
"Optimum external control is what we wish to achieve of everyone in the world"
"Stop doing this to her because every time this woman has a bowel movement the operatives here are wirelessly splacing their digital technology into her toilet to analyse the contents and then they are discussing it within her hearing and that is not fair."
"She shouldn't be interfering in anyone else's business." " You are simply reading her private thoughts because she hasnt said anything to anyone else." (They have the ability to read my thoughts based on the fact that a computer can automatically translate my brain waves into words and images, due to the fact that there is nano technology embedded in my brain, some of which is under their wireless control.)
"We are being paid to monitor this lady." "Why" "She is dirty." 8.39 pm 13th Nov. 2022 (I take a shower almost daily)
I have several notebooks where I write down a small sample of the messages which the voice to skull voice broadcasters are broadcasting into my head by wireless means while they remain anonymous cowards and whenver I get around to typing out the messages which I have written down I sometimes don't know which messages I have posted before on my last online post. I hope none of these voice messages have been posted on a previous post.
My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.


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