social engineering (1)

Social Engineers appear to be evil judging by the results of their work as follows:-
They social engineer us to eat sugar treats and to drink alcohol for birthdays, christmas and other social events, thereby building up addictions and engendering health problems in most if not all of us.
They social engineer us to regularly lie to our children about santa clause and the tooth fairy, thereby destroying all trust and building up resentment between parents and their children.
They social engineer us to place the clergy on a high moral platform when in reality the job of the clergy is to inculcate us into false belief systems and to social engineer us to be afraid to think freely and logically. Organised religion is the suppression of free thought and the belief systems which they engender are not based on proveably facts.
Even though all men and women throughout the world are of infinite value simply by virtue of the fact that we exist, social engineers manipulate us to believe that we are only valuable based on how much time we spend in the work place, regardless of whether our work is of any benefit to the world or not. The work of most government employees is negative, destructive, pointless work which achieves nothing other than slowly and incrementally enslaving us more thoroughly on a daily basis and yet they are applauded for doing it as if they are heroes.
They social engineer women to wear inappropriate handicapping footwear, headwear and restrictive clothing at social events in order to make men appear to be more comfortable, and more powerful. If this type of social engineering which makes women appear to be partially handicapped and fragile is in widespread use then this would allow social engineers to demote women to a position in society inferior to that of men over time.
They social engineer radio station and television station managers and other members of the main stream media to promote the anti-hero in songs and movies and also to promote sexual degeneracy, alcohol and drug taking throughout all medias. This situation creates a mindset in impressionable teenagers of confusion so that they act in ways that they regret at a later date, by drinking too much alcohol, becoming addicted to drugs, becoming sexually promiscious, becoming obese, and adopting other negative behaviours which ultimately weaken them.
They social engineer us to eat a diet containing plants and we now know that plant eating is not natural to us and continual plant eating over an entire life time leaves us chronically ill with many and varied ailments. Our natural diet according to multitudes of medical professionals and scientists online is a carnivore diet, most especially the meat of ruminent animals. Plants turn to sugar inside us which inflames our intestines, our joints, our hands, our feet, our faces and all other body parts. When our joints are inflamed from eating carbohydrates we experience arthritis. When our intestines are inflamed from eating carbohydrates we experience irritable bowel syndrome or chrones disease or many other intestine problems. When our brain is unable to process the sugars being generated by carbohydrate foods we develop dementia and alzheimers. All we need to do to cure all of those illnesses is cease to eat plants and only eat animal products such as beef, lamb, goat, buffalo, chicken, fish, shellfish, butter, eggs, pork and bacon. Don't eat too much cheese because it is supposed to be constipating. Do not eat honey because we are not designed to eat it according to most carnivore experts. According to some online sources the human race had perfect health until twelve thousand years ago when we first began to eat plants. From that time on we have become chronically ill. We must all return to eating animal products.
They social engineer our children to read nursery rhymes and fairy tales about kings, queens, princes's and princesses. This leads our children to falsely believe that involuntary hierarchies are a natural part of life and that some men and women are more important that others. This situation deliberately pushes a mind set of inequality on young impressionable children. We must ban all books which push the false notion that titles are legitimate when in fact they are simply acts of mesmerism, in order to give some individuals false power over their own equals. The people of the United Kingdom have recently publicly celebrated the fact that they have become subjects to the King of England who is known as King Charles III. They have publicly celebrated that they have no sovereignty over themselves and instead they are subjects which legally means slaves. They have celebrated their renewed enslavement in front of a worldwide audience. Many of them publicly grovelled and fawned like sycophants when asked by the media about their views of the coronation of King Charles III. Others held up signs which said 'Not My King' and the sycophantic british police quickly placed those sign holders under arrest so as not to have the coronation disturbed by any acts of rebellion against such celebrations of enslavement. Social engineers, by using the main stream media, public schooling indoctrination through organized religions and movies, help to create such fawning and sycophantic attitudes of celebrating enslavement.

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