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#1386 Tools for Getting Into Our Brains Bioethics(DARPA) and EPR/ESR

#1386 Tools for Getting Into Our Brains Bioethics and EPR(Electron paramagnetic Resonance)-ESR(Electron Spin Resonance)

There is now discussion at the Bioethics and disclosed science on the tools being used to access the brain. Take the time to watch these two segments at least of the Bioethics from Tuesday's discussion on "Obama's", "Brain Initiative".

Play section 6 of meeting 14, starting at the 16:00 minute mark. Walter J. Koroshetz, M.D.  Deputy Director  National Institute of Neurologic Disease and Stroke   Deputy Director   National Institute of Neurologic Disease and Stroke    National Institutes of Health......  Monitoring and effecting brain function , the tools being created even communication with DNA. They talk about going from individual probes that allowed access of just a small amount of Brain activity to using materials now to access down to each neuron firing.

John C. Wingfield, Ph.D.   Assistant Director for the Directorate for Biological Sciences   National Science Foundation starts at about the 25:00 minute mark,and at 28:00 minutes talks about studying animals in the field using nano sensors! We are studied in the field. Notice the problem with data storage mentioned and we know the capabilities of data storage that the NSA have, they must be gathering massive amounts of data by decoding the brain. Winfield is from the National Science foundation that funds research.

DARPA follows in this segment:
William D. Casebeer, Ph.D. (U.S.A.F., Retired)   Program Manager   (DARPA)Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  National Institutes of Health

Noted by a very educated TI;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_paramagnetic_resonance

Electron paramagnetic resonance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy is a technique for studying materials with unpaired electrons. The basic concepts of EPR are analogous to those of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), but it is electron spins that are excited instead of the spins of a...

Something I noted while reading on EPR

Remote neural Monitoring?........from the Wikipedia on EPR

A quote I found in reading this................ Medical and biological applications of EPR also exist. Although radicals are very reactive, and so do not normally occur in high concentrations in biology, special reagents have been developed to spin-label molecules of interest. These reagents are particularly useful in biological systems. Specially-designed nonreactive radical molecules can attach to specific sites in a biological cell, and EPR spectra can then give information on the environment of these so-called spin-label or spin-probes.

Are these special reagents the nano sensors mentioned at the Bioethics as nano sensors for studying animals in the field? It seem like a very good possibility.

Dr. Micheal Persinger's video on knowing all things and possibly the first case of quantum entangled brains in the laboratory using magnetic fields.

Michael Persinger on No More Secrets
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#1050a For participants of future Bioethics Commission meetings

   The number of TI's speaking can be seen watching the video. the first TI Cassandera I believe asked for those who were TIs to stand and then raise there hands. It turned out to be most of the room with some small amount out of the room. these people were so passionate I believe all to be TIs. It ended with Ed Cats a TI I know through ken Rhoades. Ed and his children have been chipped.
    He and his wife are also Russian immigrants,many being Russian Jews. Being in New York that number was high. This is further evidence that the FISA laws with a one sided court system was the fore runner and was then turned on Americans. Later being the cornerstone of the patriot act.
    Ed also has a recorded DVD of the FBI(agent Callahan) telling him that the president is fully aware of his implants and that he will just have to learn to live with it. We are building quite the library of DVDs made by TIs. We also interviewed for a second article to be written in the American Free Press news paper out of DC.
    I saw more evidence of implants from a girl Ken drove down with named Leslie. Retinal, cochlear, and wires in the lower jaw and skull. the images of the wire leading off the retinal implant seems like it might be an easy one to image by an eye doctor with photography. I can only assume these other implants are meant for subvocal speech recognition and Remote Neural Monitoring. I'm going to get the files of these images. This adds to what David Larson found and the Alfred E Mann spin off companies creating these implants.

Wikipedia on Alfred E Mann:   Mann then went on to establish MiniMed (insulin pumps and continuous glucose devices, now owned by Medtronic) and Advanced Bionics (neuroprosthetics), which was owned by Boston Scientific from 2004-2008. Boston Scientific and the Advanced Bionics management had agreed to split the company. Under this split, Boston Scientific would own the pain management and other neural stimulation portions and Advanced Bionics would focus on developing, manufacturing and distributing cochlear implants for the restoration of hearing to the deaf.

He is currently involved in several companies, including:

    I also met a New York TI put on 800 mg of Seroquel. Similar to my build up to 1,400 over 5 years. Even on this dose for just one year he had a heart attack and kidney failure. This gives me even more reasons to thank god that I'm alive.
   I also spoke with a lawyer and journalist who was there to represent a TI client. By the end she was pretty scared that this could happen to her. She also mention that this is why doctors and lawyers are reluctant to stand by us, or only in a minimal way.
   I wish I hadn't been on my second day with no sleep but I made it through the day. We brought two other TI's with us, both are on groups but had never met other TIs before. They were pretty solid when they contacted me and both did well adding to our numbers.
   Below is the video broken up for You tube. There were TIs still wanting to speak and in line when they stopped us, and it is impossible to ask anything of the commission like I tried in the last one. The commission is set and has been by President OBama. Listen to co-chair Dr. Wagner state the, limited scope, of these public meetings. I'll bet only my Seroquel will be concidered, being a drug. The military, law enforcement and CIA are exempt I'm sure. I think he was alluding to this fact. He also mentions the 300 people who called in to speak.
    I should mention the Vietnamese doctor who spoke this time. Also Dr. Hall, and an ethics lawyer and assistant proffessor now retired and and a journalist who spoke at the last meeting.
    I'm also increasingly seeing younger TIs in there twenties and they have been calling me as well. This program has been increasing. Still the majority are in there fifties.  Maybe our efforts will have an impact, who knows?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmhdsQ8fPSc&feature=related    1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKMgHd-gn1M&feature=related   2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DenV-MTVo80&feature=related   3
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZwNgM0RCY0&feature=related    4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmBOWSeXxjA&feature=related    5
                                                              Peter Rosenholm
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