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This post has beeen spurred by OUTRAGEOUS INJUSTICE (10/03/21).

As a targeted individual, I hate my victimhood & I hate the limited options I have. I hate the time, energy & resources it devours. I hate that the number of targeted individuals increases & action on the issue is almost non-existent. I hate that as I compose this, this website & I, are under surveillance. I hate the emotions this triggers in me. I hate what this has done to my relationships.

However, I am impressed by the community at Peacepink & the support & strength that percolates here. The videos & documentation communicate intelligience & heartfelt perserverance.

(At breakfast, voice to skull once again announced to other tenants that I'm going away for a short visit). 

This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to two recipients for their fight to safeguard freedom of expression in the Philippines & Russia, yet, neuroweapons enable autocrats & license abuses in democracies. In my situation, voice to skull technology has been an affront everywhere I go - at the coffeeshop, on a walk, on campus at the University of Toronto, at a gallery, at the bookstore, on public transit, at a funeral & so on. Since its application is deliberately utilized outside my personal circle, there is an intent in its conspicuousness. Since it has occurred to me for over a decade, I may not be formally acknowledged but negation manifests its own body language depending in whose presence it materializes. At this stage, denial does not erase the fact, censorship does not make it vanish & confirmation would upturn the social & economic order.

As our earth faces numerous emergencies, the fate of targeted individuals remains another part of this crisis.

(Another Thanksgiving Day weekend in Canada passes).


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