the irish judiciary (1)


The Irish government are under externally generated mind control programming due to neural lace in their brains, which came from injectable and ingestable nano technology.
Because of this situation they created policies mandating the people of Ireland to get injected with an untested vaccine which has significant side effects.
and also to Trap bacteria and germs on our faces for at least eight hours per day by wearing mandated masks.
They issued advice which was meant to manipulate us to avoid sunlight and fresh air as much as possible.
They abandoned many of the Irish who are homeless while giving migrants hotels.
They shield crooked or else mind controlled gardai, judiciary and hse staff where possible.
They mandate the use of PCR tests which have up to 95% false positives.
They generate policies which ultimately destroy all small Irish businesses so that billionnaires would eventually own everything of value in the Republic of Ireland in order to eventually enslave us.
They refuse to create a policy to end water fluoridation even though all Irish politicians should be fully aware of its dangers.
They issued an open invitation to any and all of the forty four million Ukranians into Ireland to live here if they wish while the population of Ireland was only 5.5 million before they issued that invitation, even though eight and a half Republic of Ireland's would fit into Ukraine. This was done to destroy the Republic of Ireland and make it amenable to take over by agents of the new world order cabal.
Irish politicians remain silent on the use of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons which are being used to silently and invisible torture many of their own fellow country men and women in secret. They appear to be externally mind controlled to ignore all warnings and calls to have the use of such weapons investigated and blocked.
How are Irish politicians going to solve all of the above problems now that they know about them. What is holding them back.
I got some but not all of the above information from the bitchute channel of well known Irish journalist Gemma O Doherty at this enclosed online link

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