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World Wide Problem and Possible World Wide Solution.
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gretta fahey <> Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 9:23 AM
Dear Sir/Madam,
If you have been injected recently with certain types of injections then it is highly likely that injectable technology has  been  injected into you and it has travelled around your blood stream to all parts of you.   It self-replicates and self-assembles inside you and it becomes wirelessly linked to the internet of things or some other computerized control network.   Because of this process you are  then enabled to hear either real voices or else artificial intelligence generated voices similar to Siri or Alexa giving you orders and if you fail to carry them out you can then be made to feel pain, electric shock or immobilization of your muscles or some other type of punishment.   I am under the external wireless control of this aforementioned system for nearly twenty years and I have been disbelieved by others when I tell them of my experiences because I believe that they have been programmed to disbelieve me and to put their trust in unknown others, perhaps the World Health Organisation, which  we are told is  the military wing of the one world government.  
Bankers who own the Bank of International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, which is the central bank of central banks are using public health laws to take over control of the world by the following methods
The World Health Organisation is not a health organisation and it is instead a military organisation.  It is the military arm of the one world government.    It carried out a set of amendments to the International Health Regulation in 2005 and it  then called on National Governments to strengthen their own domestic laws and to fund more programs for surveillance, testing, detention, quarantine, physical control and forced treatment whenever a public health concern has been declared. 
The real intent was to have national governments transfer their authority to the World Health Organisation and to the Bank of International Settlements whenever a public health concern has been declared.  
Who are the shareholders of the Bank of International Settlements which is based in Basle in  Switzerland and how do we take back our authority from them and then bring them to justice. 
I obtained most but not all of the above information from Katherine Watt at which can be found at the following online link
Maria Zeee of interviewing Dr David Nixon of
Dr. David Nixon from joins Maria Zeee  of  to discuss his findings of the Nanotechnology inside of both injected and uninjected individuals, and his findings of how it completely disappears using Colloidal Gold.
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