Manchurian Candidate

What's the whole story behind electronic Mind Control? Is it to just torture someone unnoticed? Oris it used for something else? I am being attacked as I type this andthe attack got me thinking. I remember a television show that talkedabout the Manchurian Candidate and this makes me wonder. Maybe themilitary is using this to create a Manchurian Candidate because thethoughts are very repetitive and consistent with each attack. I'llhave the phrase, so far so good it's all in the hood. What was thatnoise, where did they come from. And so forth, be repeated in my mindover and over, and I believe this is a way to induce fear (also withthe induced heart rate and pressure in the skull). My belief is thatthere is a super computer that records everything the victim does andthen that's saved onto another super computer, which explains why therepetitiveness is there. I keep getting the thought (implanted in mymind) no one's going to believe you James. I wonder why that thoughtkeeps popping in my head? Hmm? The CIA was supposedly done withtrying to create a Manchurian Candidate, but they are liars and arestill up to no good. This was typed a while back but posted on herefor you viewing pleasure. What do you think?

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