I am being subjected to non-consensual neuro experimentation and this means that I am directly connected from my brain and central nervous system to a computerized control network. Those unknown individuals who work at that computerized control network can place me under brain to brain link with their own brains whenever they wish and they can make their own brain waves over ride mine to a large extent. This means that they can talk through me whenever they wish. Whenever they are directly brain to brain linked with me if they speak I am then made to speak the words they speak even if I dont wish to do so.
The American Industrialist Elon Musk has created a neural link device for the purposes of linking human brains with machines. Other high tech companies have creates similar devices. However it is deemed preferable by said industrialists not to need any medical implant for the purposes of linking human brains with machines in order to control those humans. Instead they appear to have sprayed the human race with chemicals, biologicals and nano technology which when inhaled and ingested would then pass through the blood brain barrier of the human concerned and create a neural network inside the human brain which would then serve as a neural link device.
Whether it be through a medical implant or through inhalation of nano technology that the unknown industrialists have linked our brains to a computerized control network both ways appear to engender similar results. The link between the human brain and the control system is bi-directional to the extent that both voice or telepathic messages can then be sent to and from the brain of the non-consensual and unwilling human being. Also images, visions, pain, electric shocks, forced muscle movement and a variety of other unwanted sensations can be sent to the victim. The victim could eventually be crippled or paralysed for life at the will of the unknown perpetrators. Further to that, many of the electric signals which are being generated by the victims brain and body on a continual basis and which is commonly known as bio-data is stolen from the victim by those who work at the computerized control centre that the victim is non-consensually connected to possibly by wireless means.
Because images, visions and pain can be sent to the victim, that victim can be trapped in a virtual reality hell for hours at a time. They can be trapped in a virtual reality simulation to the extent that if they are out and about when it occurs they would not be able to find their way home while trapped inside it.
Elon Musk and other industrialists give the impression that we would be allowed to choose whether to merge our brains with machines but that is not the case in any instance. I have been non-consensuall connected to this computerized control system for many years and I personally know many others that are also connected to it and we are all non-consensual. None of us were ever asked for our permission. You may already be wirelessly merged with this computerized control and enslavement system and you may be receiving subliminal messages from the system itself which you are being led to believe are your own thoughts and opinions. This is the only explanation as to why society disbelieves many of the targeted individuals whenever they claim that they are under neural control which is also known as cybernetic control. Society refuses to listen to our stories. They are almost never written about or spoken about by the main stream media.
Elon Musk and other industrialists are attempting to permanently enslave the men, women and children of the world by merging their brains and central nervous systems with technology so that these men, women and children would be forever after both mind controlled and body controlled from birth to the extent that these men, women and children would never be able to free themselves from enslavement for millions of generations into the future. We are at a grave pivotal point in human history. We must take down the two hundred or so HAARP phased array systems through the world while we still can because they are an integral part of the enslavement system. We must also take down both the microwave transmatters and millimeter wave transmitters and any other antenna or paraphernalia which is being used to further our mental and physical enslavement.

I have been listening to some of the youtube interviews of Cyrus A. Parsa who appears to know what is occurring behind the scenes of our lives in great detail. The main stream media should have given us the information that he gives us. They have let their fellow men, women and children of the world down and they now serve the interests of the would be slave masters and nobody else. The reason for this is that they are under the duress of artificial intelligence as explained by Cyrus A. Parsa and which I have summarised herebelow.

The individuals who created the capability to transhumanize us have been extracting bio-metric information from our brains and bodies whenever we use smart phones.
Smart phones and other digital media devices contain proximity sensors which can tell when you are near them. The smart phone then interfaces with your neural system and extracts data such as health information as well as voice recognition and facial recogniton information from you. The neurological pathways in our bodies and brains have inputs and outputs to the extent that what you hear and see on your smart phone goes through your neurological pathways. Digital frequencies come out of you smart phone whenever you touch it and flow into your neurological pathways which are sometimes called meridians and they slowly and incrementally take control of our minds and of the electrical system in our bodies. Your smart phone could possibly connect to all ten thousand acupuncture points in your body.
The individuals who wish to both control and enslave us through the illegally obtained bio-metric data which they extracted from us via our digital media devices, take our bio-metric data and attach it to a quantum artificial intelligence digital brain, which itself can mobilize drones and robots to hurt us if we should attemt to challenge their dictatorship in a future of 5G and 6G networks. If the 5G system is ever allowed to be installed under a free state the frequencies would then be so fast that people would be totally controlled and many would not even know that they were being totally controlled.
The individuals who wish to control and enslave their fellow human beings by using high technology have found that it is easier to create coding and algorithms which are suitable for a worldwide socialism platform because under a worldwide socialism platform only need one system of control is needed for all and in that way all of the thoughts of the controlled and enslaved men, women and children of the world would be uniform. They would all be programmed to think the same thoughts and to hold the same opinions as each other. This has already occurred for those who hold smart phones close to their heads. They refuse to believe that there is any threat to their freedom whatsoever and they absolutely trust in the good will of the would-be slave masters.
The Chinese government set up concentration camps twenty years ago and they use big technology to scan, hunt, quarantine, kill and organ harvest many chinese people. These people are not missed by society because the population of China is now fifteen thousand million. China is an evil, sinister, orwellian, artificial intelligence state. George Soros was heard to say that the rest of the world would be modelled on China in the future.
We are being sprayed with chemtrails from the skies over our heads on a continuous basis for many years. These chemtrails have been found to contail chemicals, biologicals and nano technology which we inhale and ingest and which are being used to cybernetically change us. I personally believe but can not as yet prove that the would be slave masters do not allow themselves to inhale and ingest the aforementioned formula. I believe that they live in Madagascar where it is believed that no chemtrails are being sprayed and they control the world from there using wireless connections. They do not plan to belong to the worldwide hierarchy of control and instead they would control the hierarchy from outside.
Cyrus A. Parsa has written and published two books which are called " ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DANGER TO HUMANITY" and "AI, TRUMP, CHINA, AND THE WEAPONIZATION OF ROBOTICS WITH 5G". He has conducted many youtube interviews online.

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