Mind Control News this week (February 11 to 17, 2019)


  1. Why today’s Hong Kong becoming depression in economy, all since brain control. The brain control of perps who are constantly controlling electronic weapons caused the public got microwave symptoms to increase the drugs turnover, and then part of profit contributed to media by buy advertised in TV, radios and newspapers. monopolizing the pharmacy market with media support.


    On the other hand, for increasing the sales volume of newspaper, the mind control perps used the computer commend to stop internet access that someone who reading the news in internet, forced the reader to buy newspaper, because only newspapers can read advertising that they want you to read. Above convicted 4 criminals for brain control, electronic harassment, market monopolizing, access to computer with criminal or dishonest intent. The major of economy controlled by a small group of mind control perps in present Hong Kong, I believe that well known by all citizen, but not one dare to speak out under the pressure. 


2.     Some readers keep to asked why you disclose the real names of movie stars and DJs on the blog. Don’t you worry about being sued? I never worry about being sued. The reason is what I said is true, even sometimes may have judgment error but all causing by perps misleading. And the other hand, the arbitration rule shows that all the benefit of the doubts goes to the defendant, so I hope they will take an action to sue me, but I keep waiting and waiting up to 7 years long, no one has ever filed a lawsuit against me. That means I wrote everything based on the fact of true.


3. In the past 7 years, I got to saw a lot of unfair case in brain control space that happening to my friends and victims. A super mother who how to educated her three children becoming professional persons with hard and heart, after then the metamorphosis chip controller within her chip with someone who got cognitive slowly disease, made her got same effect and appearance shows older than nature; a genius gentlemen became a vulgar person with garbage sentence; how many hard-working people being tortured to psychogenic illness:  how many hard study students being mentally retarded; how many young people are got older in advance; how many person being thinking interference to unable for reading. Someone said that have been unable to read for 5 years, I said you are better than me, I have been unable to concentrate for reading more than 7 years. More and more the parents who sacrificed for themselves to protect children. How many innocent super brain persons, tough persons being mass psychogenic illness by mind control.  The remains were some mediocre, silly and stupid persons whom rely on mind control machine to make a living. So cheeky and despicable.

4. This week, the metamorphosis chip control within my chip with some people whom got stuffy nose, congestion, respiratory problems, which made me breathless.


5.     A senior woman has been passively within my chip for a long time without knowing. I don't know who she is, cannot communication with her, someone said she is a jewelry merchant, also there are several thieves in the space to watch and within her chips, I guess the thieves may be planning for robbery case. Watch up!

6. Recently, so many car accidents in Hong Kong since fatigue driving, but attacked by electronic weapons.  As a friend experience, when you feel fell asleep, sip and keep water in the mouth to prevent traffic accidents. It may work for above case.

7. When some people have a meeting in mind control space at mid-night, the chip controller may block me up, I can sleep peacefully. But when the meeting finished around 2 o'clock in the morning, the chip controller is fully turn-on my brain sound, used few person’s brain wave to interference and intercepting false thinking, made me sleep deprivation until the morning time. What is the purpose of the chip controller? I believe such operation must with something in secret that we unknown.

1.     造成今時今日香港零售業, 製造業百業萧條的局面, 全賴腦控. 腦控賤人不停遙控電子武器令市民有微波痛症, 增加藥物銷量, 再將銷售所得的部份利潤以賣廣告方式進貢電台和報紙傳媒, 壟斷市場. 另一方面, 對習慣於網上讀報者, 施與電腦指令暫停上網, 被逼要買報紙, 因只有報紙才能讀到廣告. 如是者, 構成腦控, 欺凌, 壟斷, 不當使用電腦四罪, 一切由一小撮人操控而成當今的局面, 相信大家都有目共睹, 但敢怒而不敢言. 但此只是冰山一角.


2.     經常有人問我將娛樂圈中之真人真事真姓名在博客披露, 不擔心被他們起訴嗎 我從不擔心被起訴, 原因是我所講都是事實, 就算有判斷上的錯誤, 都是腦控人所造成. 再加上腦控舉証困難, 所有疑點得益歸於被告, 所以我希望他們告我. 但等足了7年之久, 仍未見有人向我提出起訴, 實感遺憾!


3.     在過去的7, 我在腦控空間見了很多不平事發生於身邊朋友和受害者身上. 一位含辛茹苦培育三位子女成為專業人仕的超級好媽媽, 竟然被腦控賤人併芯片, 令她變成反應遲緩, 老態龍鍾;  一位學富五車的學者, 被賤人腦控後, 變成出言粗俗的市井小民; 多少勤力做事的人被精神折磨和滋擾, 多少努力讀書的莘莘學子被智障; 多少年輕者被提前老化; 多少被思維干擾至沒法正常閱讀, 有人概嘆已5年沒法閱讀, 我笑說比我好, 我多你2,7年沒法集中精神閱讀; 更多的是為了自己子女而牺牲的父母. 腦控害死多少無辜的智者, 學者, 強者, 剩下的只是依靠腦控機害人為生的庸碌之輩, 厚顏無恥的卑鄙小人. 可悲也!


4.     本週變態控芯片賤人將我同鼻塞, 痰塞, 呼吸道有問題者併芯片, 令我呼吸極之不暢順.


5. 有位高齡女士長期被動地同我併芯片而不自知, 我不知道她是何人? 不能對話, 據說是做珠寶生意, 同時有幾個賊在空間窺伺並併她芯片, 相信已成為賤賊的目標.


6. 近期經常有司機因被電子武器攻擊而在駕駛期間昏昏欲睡, 有朋友獻計, 當覺眼瞓時, 口中含一口水, 可防發生交通意外, 大家不妨試試.


7. 當晚間有人在空間開會時, 控芯片賤人將我屏蔽, 我可以寧靜地睡眠, 但當開完會後, 一般在零晨2左右, 控芯片賤人即全開我腦音, 同時潛聲, 虛假思維, 令我沒法入睡, 睡眠剥奪至早晨時份. 控芯片賤人此舉目的為何? 實不得而知, 相信其中必有不可告人的秘密.

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