Major police forces throughout most of the world are now supporting an criminal network because members of said criminal network gather data in an illegal manner from random men and women and this illegally acquired data is sometimes being used by random members of nearly all police forces in the course of their work as evidence which is being used to frame innocent men and women. The aforementioned data is being illegally obtained from the aforementioned random men and women by illegally implanting them with implants which allow members of said criminal network to obtain data directly from their brains and central nervous systems. The criminal network use the capabilities which have been explained in Patent Number US 6965816 and in a number of other US patents in order to carry out their criminal activities. Why are most of the police forces of the world undertaking to use this illegally obtained data as part of their evidence gathering protocols because by doing so they have now been categorized as having criminal intent which in itself is deemed by any justice system to be a criminal offence.

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