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I am not contactable by official means most of the time because I dont carry a cellular phone and I dont wear a watch or any type of jewellery which might contain in-built technology. I also unplug my landline home phone many nights before I go to bed. I place my computer and online connection technology inside a faraday case and I disconnect the electricity to my bedroom.
However, I have been illegally implanted with technology which enables others to remain in constant communication with me. I believe that if you allow your children to receive childhood vaccinations they will be illegally implanted with similar technology which would enable criminals to communicate with them against their wills throughout their lives. However, there may be a way of disabling all implants by the use of strong pulses of magnetic energy which disable such implants. If the ability to disable implants does not exist then we aught to tear down the infrastructure which enables criminals to forceably communicate with us and to forceably receive information into said implants which are inside our brains and bodies.
Dont allow yourself to be contactable by official means on a continual basis. Dont accept vaccinations or other procedures which might enable others to implant you with any foreign body. We can no longer trust church and state. Church leaders including pope francis are encouraging their followers to accept vaccinations.
The following is a quote by United Kingdom television personality Steven Fry.
"What we really have an objection to is the priestly cast that decides it has knowledge that is special, that is revealed knowledge, that can not be questioned, that is a truth that doesnt need to be proven, that will set you free and that without it you are in some way damned, and the people who are most likely to be controlled by that are the most vulnerable, are the poorest, are those with the least education."

My name is Gretta Fahey .  I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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The World Economic Forum is behind  a program called ' the internet of bodies' according to its website which is called ; I have been illegally connected to 'the internet of bodies' against my will and without my permission.   I do not use a smart phone and I don't wear a smart watch or any watch whatsoever.  I dont wear any jewellery and I have not done so for the past twenty five years.  I do not carry a handbag except for a short while each week when I visit my local town to get some messages.   I do not drive a vehicle.  I cycle an ordinary bicycle without any electric or digital parts attached to it.  Therefore any data which is being constantly collected from my brain and body over the past seventeen and a half years has been collected from implants which have been illegally implanted inside my brain or body or both.    I sometimes use a computer which is now wirelessly connected.   For the first several years of my connection to the internet of bodies I did not have wireless technology on or near my home.  I had a computer but it was connected to the internet intermittently from my home telephone line until 2010 when broadband became available to me.   I would need to be located quite near that computer for the entire day each day in order for data to be taken up  by that avenue and sent to an unknown remote location. I  normally keep the computer in a room other than the one I am in throughout most of the day, each day.  Yet , I believe that data is being stolen from my brain and body on a continual basis.  Data is being transmitted to my brain and body at random times throughout each day, every day, even when I am out walking in fields a long distance from roads,  houses, electricity poles or electricity wires or other electrical or telephone infrastructure.     I live in a fairly remote location and I often walk in remote fields.   While I am out walking in those remote fields  I constantly hear the voices of the neuro scientists and others who monitor and conduct experiments on me.   The lack of roads, houses, electricity poles and electricity wires near me  does not stop them from forcing me to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission.  Who illegally  implanted me with implants and when and where did they carry out the implanting?   What did they use to render me unaware while they were doing it.   I always sleep alone so it could not have been done to me by a sleeping partner.  Whoever implanted me with implants would have to have broken into my home and rendered me unconscious or comatose in order to implant me.   What is the name of the individual or individuals who implanted me with implants against my will and without my permission in order to illegally connect me to the internet of bodies which has allowed others to psychologically tortured me and sometimes even physically hurt me since early 2003 without a break.  My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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I am being wirelessly and invisibly and slowly enslaved from an unknown remote location by unknown criminals who use nano technology which has permeated my brain and body to conduct wireless experiments on me to the extent that they may one day be able to immobilize me if I refuse to obey them.
These criminals speak to me by wireless means using a brain to brain interface system or other bio-communication systems. They have informed me that their brains have been programmed in a way that is similar to computer programming to the extent that they can not break their programming and they must carry out their work on me despite serious misgivings.
Who programmed them to commit the aforementioned illegal acts? Who ordered the aforementioned programming to be carried out? Who paid for the aforementioned programming as it was being carried out? Whoever ordered, paid for or programmed them to commit the aforementioned illegal acts should be placed under arrest immediately.
I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland and my youtube channel is called gretta fahey.

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Major police forces throughout most of the world are now supporting an criminal network because members of said criminal network gather data in an illegal manner from random men and women and this illegally acquired data is sometimes being used by random members of nearly all police forces in the course of their work as evidence which is being used to frame innocent men and women. The aforementioned data is being illegally obtained from the aforementioned random men and women by illegally implanting them with implants which allow members of said criminal network to obtain data directly from their brains and central nervous systems. The criminal network use the capabilities which have been explained in Patent Number US 6965816 and in a number of other US patents in order to carry out their criminal activities. Why are most of the police forces of the world undertaking to use this illegally obtained data as part of their evidence gathering protocols because by doing so they have now been categorized as having criminal intent which in itself is deemed by any justice system to be a criminal offence.

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I am non-consensually wirelessly linked to unknown neuro operatives who speak to me whenever they wish, and this is happening totally against my will.   In the past ten minutes,  I heard the voice of a female neuro operative coming from inside my head who said the following to one of her colleagues  "A single lady, living alone in the West of Ireland, she is out of the house most of the time.  Why haven't we done something to discourage her from living in her house?"

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Many individuals throughout Ireland and the rest of the world are being illegally implanted both on their skin and inside their bodies by illegal spraying of the air with metallic chips in a process which is being called geo-engineering.  These targeted individuals are then being wirelessly linked to networks of computers from their brains and bodies via other illegal implants which are being induced to make contact with these metallic chips by wireless enabled technology.    I am one of these Irish targeted individuals.  I have informed the world of my experiences on my website which is called   ; All experimentations which are continually being conducted on Irish and other targeted individuals are being covered up by the mental health act.   All individuals throughout Ireland who are being illegally and immorally experimented on by wireless means via illegal implants are being dismissed as schizophrenic.  Censorship of their online blogs is currently in the works.   Electronic mind control is being encouraged to be used against all of the Irish people who are not already aware of the process of wireless enslavement of human beings which is a future possibility for them and their children.

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I currently hear voices coming from inside my head.  The general public must now confront the fact that technology has existed that can transmit voices inside the heads of random members of the public by wireless capabilities for many decades and the science is easily explainable.

The general public must also confront the fact that they have been in denial about this  because to acknowledge the truth would lead to a public crisis like no other.

I have been lead to believe that the following method is the one that is  being used to wirelessly transmit the voices which  I hear coming from inside my head.   We all have ingested neural dust in our food and water.  This neural dust has lodged inside our brains and bodies, some of which has coagulated into larger units over time.  These larger units of neural dust which I will call nodes are being used to draw energy into a computer network from my brain circuits in order to provide information to the neuro operatives about the condition of the nodes.  If said nodes are sufficiently large enough they can then be used to create an electronic circuit board inside the human brain. Each coagulated neural dust node can be connected to another coagulated neural dust node by way of  streaming digital signals from one node to another node through the computer network that they have been wirelessly linked to.  This electronic circuit board can then be used by the criminal neuro operatives to upload voices, images, short videos, odours, sensations and tastes into the brain and mind of the targeted individual.  Furthermore, this electronic circuit board inside my brain is now being used on an almost daily basis to move the muscles of my face and neck against my will and without my permission.

The cover stories that are being most commonly used to cover up advances in neuro science are the cover story that the subject  who is experiencing strange phenomena is mentally unwell or is having supernatural experiences.   Neither is true.

The nodes of neural dust  which have coagulated inside my brain and body over many years are not in my favour.  They are being used to slowly enslave me.  I could find myself in a situation at some time in the future where criminal neuro operatives could close my mouth or eyes against my will and refuse to allow me to open them again unless I do their bidding.   I could also be paralysed by wireless means and from a remote location in the future if I do not find a way to dissolve the coagulated nodes of neural dust inside my brain and body.   Some fellow targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation have suggested I drink ozonated water or Epsom salts in order to dissolve the coagulated nodes of neural dust inside my brain and body.  I am currently drinking both of these drinks.  I have not noticed any change in the level of invasion into my mind and body  by these remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation staff.    Please urgently disassemble and ban microwave transmitters if you wish that you and your children to  live in freedom from wireless tethering to computer networks.   Otherwise neural enslavement of many individuals is now imminent.

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The British police force are being paid significant bonuses if they agree to use a still secret network to force their voices inside the heads of young offenders and even some non offenders with the use of still secret but common place internal technology. This irregular situation came about through an internal agreement with the British government, including Tony Blair who may himself be under duress from the implantation of internal biochips inside his own body, in accompaniment with many other senior and junior politicians throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. Young offenders are being both illegally and immorally implanted with WBANs which are wirelessly enabled body area networks, which include the capability of the British police and a number of other networks to read the thoughts of said young offenders and others and to reply to those thoughts in real time. This illegal implantation of WBANs is meant for eventual electronic enslavement of everybody thoughout the world except for the would-be enslavers who are currently unknown but who undoubtedly belong to secret societies.  Some innocent human beings are now being forced to hear more than one thousand unwanted voices coming from inside their own heads in any given week, so that said British police can earn bonus payments along with their salaries. This system aught to be disabled, disassembled and banned immediately

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The American military are currently surveilling Ireland and the Irish people by using a unique methodology which is called Remote Neural Monitoring. They illegally implant technology inside the heads of some if not all of the Irish people by chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads with nano technology combined with nano fungus and a variety of other substances, which we later inhale and ingest through our food and water supply.  They also illegally implant some of us with wirelessly enabled bio-medical sensors where they can take readings of our bodily functions by remote control over vast distances across land and sea by the use of undersea fibre optic cables.  We are rendered unaware of the actual implantation while it is occurring.  They also illegally implant a selection of Irish individuals with microchips. When said microchip eventually becomes encased inside the neurons they can conduct a myriad of wirelessly enabled experiments on us. They can make wirelessly enabled verbal contact with anybody they wish by projecting their voices inside our heads. They further use either micro or nano implants inside our jaws, tongue and throat area in order to detect our sub-vocalizations which allows them to read our thoughts.    From then on we are wirelessly tethered to a network of computers where unknown voices of military/intelligence personnel question us about all aspects of our lives on a constant basis throughout each and every day.

When we complain to psychiatrists we are considered to be mentally insane. Psychiatry is being used to cover the crimes of the American military and other militaries across the world who use this surveillance method on a wide variety of individuals throughout the world.  Individuals who have not yet been wirelessly tethered in this manner are being heavily mind controlled by thought formations which are being wirelessly transmitted into the electricity spectrum from microwave transmitters and perhaps even long range wifi transmitters.  They are also having their brains entrained into artificial states by smart engineered technology in their environment.

Human beings who live in rural environments where there are not as many wireless and long range wifi signals floating around in the spectrum which might place thought formations inside their heads can think more clearly than human beings who live in towns and cities where the electricity spectrum is crowded with thought formations.

The more digital technology that is in your direct environment the more uninvited thought formations that are placed inside your head.

All world-wide information currently comes from undersea fibre optic cables. We can easily solve the attempt at wirelessly enslaveing many members of the human race who have been non-consensually wirelessly tethered to a super computer from illegally implanted microchips which have become encased inside their bodies and brains. We can do this simply by disabling and banning all microwave transmitters, 5G millimeter wave transmitters and long range wifi transmitters. We need to do this as a matter of urgency. The existence of satellites is an easily proveable hoax and it is one of a wide and disparate variety of hoaxes which have been engineered over many decades and even centuries in order to mislead and confuse the human race by our fellow human beings who are dark luciferians, Satanists and Zionists.

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The electronic signals a targeted individual feels on and inside their bodies are being wirelessly transmitted by criminal neuro operatives to the nano particulates which are both on the skin surface of the targeted individuals and inside their bodies .
The nano particulates inside our bodies can be both seen and co-ordinated on the computer screens of the criminal neuro operatives and this process is being carried out by wireless enablement. These nano particulates can als...o be wirelessly programmed by the neuro operatives.
A group of nano particulates inside our bodies can be wirelessly communicated with by the neuro operatives to cause our muscles to make sudden movements. This capability can be used to cause an airline pilot to crash his plane. I am of the strong belief that nano particulates are not enough to cause a human being to become a target of neuro experimentation and electronic harassment and psychological and physical torture. The targeted individual needs to have several other illegal implants in order to make targeting possible. The perpetrators of this major crime against the human race believe that they have enough people illegally implanted to make the whole human race falsely believe that they can be wirelessly targeted by remote means just by the presence of nano technology alone. Luckily for the non-targeted people this may not be the case. I have been informed via my voice to skull wireless implants that the neuro weapons industry employees believe that there is a race against time to disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters now before it becomes too late to do so.

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Chris Zucker Pres. Freedom Fighters For America / World Radio
speaks with Bad Baby on Fight for your Freedom Radio
RE: Bio medical industry crimes against humanity. Illegal biomedical implantation,
torture,for the ultimate control of humanity.

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Product Details

The Invisible Crime: Illegal Microchip Implants and Microwave Technology and Their Use Against Humanity by Michael F. Bell (Jun 21, 2012)

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what they do not mention in the article is that this is a transceiver, so the implantee can receive messages from the operator, whom is receiving your thoughts and voice patterns.

Modern day telepathy? Scientists develop method for reconstructing thoughts

Written By Loren Grush  Published February 01, 2012


While many people often wish they could hear what people around them are thinking, telepathic skills are often written off as science fiction.  But one day, the ability to read people’s minds may not be a talent only reserved to psychics and X-Men.

A group of neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, reported they may have come up with a scientific way to read people’s minds.

Led by post-doctoral researcher Brian Pasley, the scientists have developed a method for deciphering the electrical signals in a person’s brain as they listen to words or conversation.   Upon figuring out these signals, they were then able to use them to recreate the imagined speech of the same person.

The secret to their method lies in the temporal lobe of the brain, which is used in auditory perception.  When a person hears a word or phrase being spoken, the activity that occurs in the temporal lobe also occurs when the person imagines that same word or phrase.

“This is a fundamental principle of the brain,” Robert Knight, a senior author for the study and a neuroscientist at UC Berkley, told  “The area that performs a cognitive or behavioral function is also activated when you imagine that function.  For example, let’s say you raise your right arm.  Then if you imagine raising your right arm, the same areas that were active when you move your arm are working when you imagine it.” 

In order to gather their findings, the researchers asked epilepsy patients undergoing brain surgery if they’d like to participate in research while they were in the hospital.  Before these patients had their surgeries, they had to come to the hospital, have up to 256 electrodes placed over the surface of their brain, and then wait for a seizure to occur so the doctors could pin point the location of the seizure.

Sometimes this process takes a couple hours, but sometimes it can take weeks.  So Pasley and his team utilized 15 neurosurgical patients’ extra time in the hospital while they were connected to the electrodes, having them hear 5 – 10 conversations.

Pasley then developed a way to reconstruct words using data from a person’s brain activity.  Or in other words-reconstructing the words that people were thinking.

“He developed mathematical ways to match the electrical recordings from the electrodes in the brain to the sound characteristics that the patient heard,” Knight said.  “The algorithms he developed can now predict a word the patient’s never heard before.”

While the researchers have barely scratched the surface of this new technique, they hope they have set the gears in motion for engineers to develop better communication aides for those who have been severely disabled, either from stroke or other illnesses.

“If you had a device that was safely implantable and actually helped the patient, there’s no doubt it would be used,” Knight said.  “It could be used for someone with a speech problem, such as a severe muscular control problem like ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Or maybe someone who has a damage in the part of the brain that controls speech output, but their input area is intact.”

More importantly, Knight said their research is important for simply understanding how the brain works.

“Think of the number of things you do in a day cognitively - word understanding or motor control or how you’re paying attention to something.  We don’t really know a lot about how the brain works in supporting the things you’re doing right now,” Knight said.  “If we can figure those things out, it will have huge implications for understanding normal cognition and it will have important implications for a whole host of psychiatric disorders.”

But in terms of becoming a mind reader, Knight said people won’t be eavesdropping on peoples’ inner monologues any time soon.  Unless they plan on getting surgery.

“You can’t broadcast your thoughts unless there’s an electrode there,” Knight said.  “So if you have a significant other, you can implant them and potentially hear what they’re thinking.”

“Of course it would require a neurosurgeon, so I don’t think that trend will sweep the nation,” Knight jokingly added.

Knight, Pasley and their colleagues published their findings Tuesday in the open-access journal PLos Biology.

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Ok here is the story people had masters and slaves a long time it's not just Remote Neural Monitering it's Remote Neural Asscess A.K.A Slaves And Masters it's how to controal some one i know they been doing this to me and my wife for years. people wanted to steal technologie and there stupid. you know how people black out and can recall what happened ?

Ok someone tryed to do this to my wife moments ago there idiots. this is how some people think there cool they try to make girls do stuff and men there loosers. see some used this for self defence and others use it to be assholes.

when they talk of masters and slaves the master can make people do things here not spose to some did this for self defence others are offencive. to try to make girls sex slaves and do harm to others.

this is what i fought against for years to end the chips. they try to access a chip and remote controal other humans this is what these losers do. there are ways of doing it some call it mastering. it''s done through a mind controal device or implant. alot of people been hideing and lieing bout this for years.

people are not spose to speak of it they do not want it stoped. since they just tryed to make my wife jennifer do something to me im releaseing the info. the more they do the more i will release.

see whit the mind controal devices it's posable to do these people are dangerous some so they want to blaim 2 my wife never realy knew about it and now she is like knowing some stuff becouse people are trying to make her know to pretend she knows alot she dose not now.

you ever have a thought you never knew where it came from ?

you ever just say something and you do not recall ?

now you know how it was done.

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Looking for info on More Parasights i think i got a type of worm i may have more than one implant not sure could have 3 all togather. This was setup by a Pawtucket Cop in Rhode Island. I would like to tell my story lease read. read this alot of Swareing and anger over the years. i chose sweeden to post it in a safe place so the USA can not touch it and the sweedish secret police as there called may have read it already... I been contacting Goverments and Human rights people and need some input. im still looking for this cop and these people that started it you may hear me name Anubis and have a problem with that but i was lied to and was forced to protect my Wife Jennifer for year this cop and his scum friends set me up. with these people.

I need some info on who to contact about support groups and reporting stuff this page i made has most of the info on it ya i have some hostility issues with other people that art chipped and have been looking for some of them you may not like some of the words i have used but it has not pervoked them enough to walk up to me yet. these people are cowards. some of them talk alot and never shut up everything i say is turned into a lie by them and they think no one will ever find out i can name 3 basic locations of these people New England, New York and Florida. these are the first 3 regions they would most likely use my name or my voice. I learned the word ( T.I. ) Targed Indevidual not long ago. and never was able to talk to anyone other then this group of cowards. There all on a New England Frequencie.

This Cop I have been looking for is somewhere out there maybe he chipped more people maybe the ones I seek to find. There were a few cops and I go the police report on my web page with all the facts I was never convicted and i was chipped anyway. I never knew they just chipped people to be assholes. I was told it was Becouse of the Situation but i guess that was just an Excuse.
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