I'm currently in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. I met Petrit Demo, who had the ultrasound scan to taking out many objects from his bodies. I saw some of his surgical scars including the ones behind his ears.

On this Monday, I went to the hospital with Petrit and he helped me to talk with the doctor who was working at the ultrasound machine. I paid about 45€ and had 4 body areas scanned. 3 places he found very tiny objects about .10cm to .23cm. These areas are the side of my face between the right eye to the right earlobe, the back of my left leg under the knee, chin, and the back near the right waist (negative)

These are the sample pictures of the ultrasound results.


On Thursday, I went to see the doctor again to check my left leg. I forgot to try the front side which has a scar and a small bump. I don't know when I got the bump, but the scar was there when I woke up in a morning. It was in 2006 and I was still living in San Jose and attending SJSU. It happened during spring semester to the summer break. One night, I slept well after drinking wine for the nightcap and got a good sleep. I saw the scar was there and it was quite deep. Despite of it's size, there was no blood on the bed sheet. I only saw some blood left on the edge of the bed frame a bit. That was on the edge of the foot of the bed frame. I wanted to do the x-ray, but the doctor told me to visit another place. I ended up in the general surgery section. I found a female doctor who speaks English very well. She suggested me to take the x-ray and the result showed that there are three foreign objects shown in the x-ray picture. The first one is the bump on the front and the last two are in the back of my foot. I think one of them is detected with the ultrasonic device.  Here is my leg pic and the x-ray one. I sometimes get the pushing sensation on the back of my left leg for the electronic harassment effect. It's not a pain but just to make me uncomfortable when I'm walking or standing.


I'm planning to get RF scanner examination of my body in next month with a help of a TI in Belgium.

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