Optogenetics is being used to remotely and wirelessly enslave many men and women throughout the world in a completely invisible deniable way.
Green algae is light sensitive.
A protein in green algae causes green algae to swim towards or away from light.
Light is now being used to control the behaviour of human brain cells.
Criminal neuro science operatives take the gene that encodes the green algae protein and another piece of DNA called a promoter and put them in a virus which they then inject into unaware human beings while those human beings are unconscious. Neurons in the human brain will activate the promoter. The virus grows inside the human brain where it infects neurons and delivers the gene. The green algae protein is then expressed in the brain cell membrane. This situation gives the criminal neuro science operatives the ability to precisely control portions of the brains of non-consenting and unwilling living, moving, human beings and they can achieve this brain control from a distance by the use of pulsed microwaves while remaining unknown to the brain controlled victim.
This method of controlling the brains of human beings from a distance is being used to both physically control the movements of some human beings andis also being used to control the thinking processes of other human beings most especially senior officials in each country throughout the world. I know about it because I have been partially enslaved by it for many years.
If the team ofcriminal neuro science operatives who have partially enslaved me by the use of optogenetics find a way to fully enslave me by the use of both optogenetics and preprogrammed algorithms they will then use optogenetics and preprogrammed algorithms to control and enslave you as soon as they have managed to persuade you to or to mandate you to accept a vaccination which contains green algae protein plus a promoter.
According to an article by Mojimar Babacek called 'Optogenetics: A New Technology to Control the Human Brain' to be found online 'Dr Sarah Lisanby from the National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland, United States, can use brain maps to make different parts of the human body move by the magnetic stimulation of the brain, even against this will of the human beings in question.
I am a subject of non-consensual neuro experimentation which is being carried out from an unknown remote location on me by means of signal intelligence. I have lost the right to control some of my own muscles which are now being externally physically controlled by an unknown team of criminal neuro science operatives who remote control me on occasion from unknown remote locations. What will I do in order to regain sovereignty over my own human body and brain? I know others who have also lost the right to control their own muscle movements at random times. We remain unable to prove this external remote control of our physical bodies because this capability is invisible and highly deniable. What is to be done about this. Why are tax payers continuing to finance brain science because it is being used against those tax payers who finance it?
Please raise awareness of this serious matter. I will not return to the police to report my situation because the last time I reported my situation to them they brought me for mandatory psychiatric evaluation which immediately made it unsafe for me to continue explaining my situation to them. This is the way that most if not all targeted individuals of remote wireless non-consensual experimentation and manipulation are being dealt with by the police in their respective countries. I believe that the police are under technologically induced mind control.

I am a non-consensual and unwilling targeted individual of neuro research and I do not know who those who are researching my brain and central nervous system are because they conduct all of their research from unknown remote locations while remaining unknown to me. Dr Michael Persinger in his document which is called 'On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms' asserts that all brains on this earth can be accessed in a similar way to the way my own brain and body are being accessed. This is not the case. We are being forced to accept a false worldview by those at the top of the false hierarchical based chain of command in this world and this false worldview is being forced on us for many centuries. If we challenge it we are ridiculed or accused of being mentally ill. Both church and state enforce this false worldview on us from our birth to our deaths. However, our own intelligence and ability to think logically tells us not to accept this false worldview. The false worldview I am referring to the spinning ball earth worldview. The earth is fixed and flat which means that not all parts of the earth are under full spectrum surveillance. There are parts of the earth which have never been sprayed with electrically conductive metals or other nano materials which are meant for human control and surveillance. Those at the core of the false hierarchical based chain of command live in those parts of the earth. The reason for the spinning ball earth hoax is to make us believe that we are all under the same level of surveillance and full spectrum control. However, those that are perpetrating the hoax have become very frightened that we will wake up to this hoax so they constantly present us with what are imaginary images of a spinning ball earth and they also repeat the word 'global' on the main stream media dozens of times each day so as to create deeply entrenched neural pathways in our brains to force us to believe this hoax throughout the course of our whole lives without us ever questioning it. In order to fully escape from the slow and incremental enslavement which we are experiencing right now we must fully accept that the earth is fixed and flat, a fact which is easily scientifically proven in a myriad of different ways.
All of the creaters of the spinning ball earth myth have been freemasons. From Pythageros to Copernicus, Galileo and Newton to modern astronauts such as Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins to Director of NASA and Grand Commander of the 33rd degree C Fred Kleinknecht all the creaters and promoters of the spinning ball earth have been freemasons. The Duke of Kent in the United Kingdom who is a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth the second of England is the head of freemasonry throughout the whole world. He has alot to answer for.
Because the earth is fixed and flat some parts of the earth are obviously not under surveillance from the skies and therefore not all human brains can be accessed by electromagnetic induction of fundamental algorithms. For further information on the fixed and flat earth please read the following book 'Two Hundred Proofs That The Earth is Not a Spinning Ball' by Eric Dubay.
My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My name and address are as follows :-
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.
My email address is gretta2011@hotmail.com.

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