My Taliban


Holed Hosseini, one of the world’s most widely read and influential writers, said he watched the events in Afghanistan with great sadness and prayed that the international community would press for respect for basic human rights, especially for women and girls, and refrain from using violence against Afghan citizens. This was published on the portal of one of rare media that are not under the control of the governments in the country where I live.

My comment that was published was as follows: “We whined to the Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner! Now we are with them there again in uncertainty and suffering! And on the other hand, in relative and parallel worlds, we hope that our pain, discovery or experience to shake the world one day!”

For a very long time, I did not even know that the persecution I was suffering, which I Immediately recognized as an abuse of science, was suffered by other people around the world. I really thought that this was just happening to me. That started before 35 years ago. I thought that someone from the deep state of the country where I lived got hold of some secret documents of Nikola Tesla, a Serb by nationality, so I was being persecuted. I always knew that the persecution was the result of revenge for my “unpatriotic” speech and opinion and the way they interpreted it. I especially did not believe that any experiments or persecutions would be carried out on my family members, especially children.

During 2018, I searched and found a lot on the Internet. I joined Peacepink and kept quiet. I researched and read about the members of this organization. In researching those stories, I remembered the confession of an Afghan. The voices that warned him were these: “Don’t mess with us! Don’t use the fact that we can’t kill you since you’re someone’s son, father or brother!”

I started writing about me, when it was too late for my unusual, defiant son who, in words, rushed against evil, unstoppable, not sparing himself! My child, I now face reconstructing everything – was a guinea pig from the age of seven. He never  lost his characteristics, and above all costs choose the right side, with justice and truth. He never lost his soul.

The number of those who grumbled at him was huge. It was a crowd of people at the cave level armed with high-technology, ruthless and with a huge need to prove loyalty to the authorities. Some of them watched him grow and knew whose son, father and brother he was. That did not stop them from bringing him to be forced to give his life for freedom.

 I listen to those people now. They program my dreams. Sometimes they program my dreams about my son and when they bring me to tears they say with great pleasure:”We fucked your mother”. They are my Taliban, they are Serbs.

If my Afghan was accidentally tortured by the Taliban, I would like these words of mine to be an appeal to them – don’t hurt men, women, children! By doing so, you are definitely killing yourself!


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