Nikola Tesla rolls over in his grave

Thanks to the brave journalists and editorial offices of various portals in Serbia, they are increasingly publishing my comments about what we are fighting for and thus showing that they support me, all of us and all who come after us. Very offten I write something that absolutely reveals this parallel world of ours - digital conentration camps. The comment published a few days ago is related to a text that was a criticism of the Serbian government due to the leaking of the roof of the Belgrade airport named after our great Nikola Tesla. The title was: ‘Brooke Airport leaks, buckets and buckets everywhere! Nikola Tesla rolled over in his grave”.  I took the opportunity to write something completely different. Here is my posted comment:

“Nikola Tesla overturns in his grave because of something else

Serb Nikola Tesla rolls in the grave because of the insanity of his, identified compatriots who use and abuse his discoveries to punish and persecute people, women and children, his own citizens and because of creating Orwellian reality and demonstrations of intimidation of political dissidents, which many witnesses understood both in the country and in the world. He rolls over in his grave for manifesting how ‘caveman’ armed with his, Tesla’s electricity and discoveries, can persecute, torture, kill, induce suicide, induce murder, suffocate sleep, program dreams, try or succeed in raping digital, to commit and repeat the war crimes they committed against members of other nations in the real world and now against members of their own people in the digital world.

If we think that the Church’s attitude towards this evil could have been expressed in the words of the late Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej ‘Devils work everywhere’, we must agree that this is true! But in the world, this is done by vicious professionals who are not caught and who take care not to be caught, because they know that they would be prosecuted and end up in prison, according to the laws of their countries and UN laws that apply to all member states!

And besides, their airports, recently renovated, are not leaking!”


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