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   For all of you looking to search for non-profits  here is a non-profit search engine who makes their non-profit living  by being a data base for nonprofits.  So they go scouring the internet for non-profit organizations in which to add their names to their data base

  Don't know if they have found all of them but it would appear they found some of FFCHS data

but I couldn't find either one of greg gamaches so called nonprofit/not for profit foundations.

i couldn't find The Greg Gamache Foundation nor could I find the

We Are A Federally Liscensed Tax Exempt Not For Profit Dedicated to Eradicating EH Globally of his so called non profit of

Federation Resistance Global Electronic Harassment Opposition Party

but i did find FFCHS


Physical Address:
Johnson Vly, CA 92285 

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