Soleilmavis wrote 14 Jan 2009 Dear all, I could not add comments on members pages and send private messages to members on to invite people to join our action "Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture" Could you help us to continue inviting people to join our action? According to my experience, if you leave comments or messages to members, 30% members will join our action. We wish to invite 3000 people to join our action. Now we have already gotten 100. if everyone can help us get 25 or more people to join our actions. we will surely achieve our goals. is a social entrepreneurship venture based in San Francisco, CA. The company was founded by Ben Rattray in the summer of 2005, and with the support of a friend from Stanford, Mark Dimas, and a founding team of Darren Haas, Rajiv Gupta, and Adam Cheyer, launched the first version of its site in 2007. Soleilmavis wrote: 13 Jan Dear all, Would anyone in USA like to "Host an event" in Mr. Obama's website which bring awareness of remote mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture If we can invite people support our events hosted in this website, we can let Mr. Obama and his people to notice our urgently demand of exposing mind control abuse and torture. (Please go to this website to register and host an event) Advisers say Obama preparing to close Gitmo This is a good news that we can make sure Obama fight torture. And we also wish mind control abuse and torture will go to public soonly. and torturers can be sentenced according to law soonly. Few websites which can let Mr. Obama hear our voices (1) You can submit your idea to let Mr. Obama hear your voices. (2) It’s a tool that will allow you to organize a service event in your community and recruit others to join you. Or, if you’d prefer to join an existing event, the site will direct you to what others have organized in your neighborhood. (3) Official Website of Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign My page: (4) Dear All, Please support our actions to let Mr. Obama hear our voices. Please invite more people to join after 31 Dec 2008. (You need sign up an account with My URL If you have a nonprofit organization, you can add your organization to this site: This is one of the top 10 ideas in , I think this one have some idea related to our matter. Please help to vote. (5) More contact information of Mr. Obama
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  • I also was not able to send the petition on to freinds , and for the code i think used a zipcode that existed in USA but have put Belgium as country and it did work
  • i tried to visit
    and to send a letter, however, it seems that the website requires me an American address and postal code. therefore, i failed to send a letter.
  • Mr Obama,Where will he lead the world go? We want to know. Here is my blog
  • Peace on Earth

    Peace is not just the absence of war,
    Peace is: the whole world living in abundance and dignity…

    When I hear from the experts that the subject matter is
    Complex and complicated, I know that their subject matter is perverted
    With lies and deception…

    Life is transparent. In each moment of our perception,
    We know the truth, yet we choose to go along with the lie to keep our position…

    Our lives begin to end the moment
    we become silent about the things that matter…Martin Luther King

    In the course of survival we don’t have the luxury of being negative…Yoko Ono

    You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one,
    I hope now you’ll Join us and the World will be as one…John Lennon

    For each of us, uniting to free the world realizes the knowledge of self,
    And is at once the map of our spirit, and the guide to our deepest fulfillment…Tevin

    Paradise is there, behind that door, in the next room;
    But I have lost the key. Perhaps I have just mislaid it…
    Kahlil Gibran

    How would I fulfill myself? How shall I unless I become a planet with intelligent Lives dwelling upon it? Is not this every man and women’s goal? Kahlil Gibran

    uniting for a free and kind world, Tevin
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