On June 22, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed students virtually across Canada. Introduced by Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance, who is of Ukrainian descent & speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, French & English, the event was hosted by the Director of The Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, Peter Loewen (University of Toronto).

Towards the end of the address, I tuned in & voice-to-skull announced my presence.

(My father was born in Lvov which was under Polish control at the time.)

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  • Hello Gordana. Good to hear from you & learn more about your persistent activism. (You rock.)
    The fact that you followed up on my posting from almost a year ago took me back to what has & hasn't happened in my life since then.
    I just moved to a small room after living in a shelter - having a key to my own space & developing a routine which is good news & disconcerting at the same time. I've had to donate many books & other possessions because it was impossible to keep them. I didn't want to do that & was hoping to afford a larger place. A frustrating cycle because of the perps controlling so many aspects of our lives - so mean & ugly.
    The word "slav" comes from the Latin word for slave. Slavic people were once the source for slaves for other parts of Europe. Currently, Russia, Poland & Ukraine have the highest Slavic population & Montenegro has the smallest. Since TI are slaves what are the perps looking for in our gene pool? Who knows where the results from their 'findings' (assaults) go & how they're divided & distributed.
    It'd be nice to just talk over a coffee or tea. Please take care. I know you are strong & a warrior. I find it difficult to contemplate the future. Canada's wildfires are affecting the world & today we have rain.
    Big Hug
  • Hi Elisabeth, how are you?
    "Stop the violence" demonstrations are taking place in Belgrade every week! I am on them regularly. Again, Belgrade became the world! It was intuitively felt that this government and Serbian president has created such a cruel atmosphere that there is no mercy even for children! I manage here end there to write some comments about this cruelest form of canceling the meaning of life, about this evil that we have unfortunately met! The cruelty of the sharpening of polarized worlds in Serbia is so big that some actors and their children are threatened because of that political engagement on our side!
    Of course, I also attended a couple of demonstrations in Belgrade organized by Russian who are against Putin and the war, Belarusians and Ukranians in Belgrade. I was one o the few Serbians!
    Big hug for you
    I just read Zamyatin"s novel "We"! Creepy vision of the future!
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