Those who eat processed food and drink tap water have dust sized technology inside them which has saturated throughout all parts of their brains and bodies and they have been wirelessly connected from that internal technology to a central computerized control system. They have then been analysed under a variety of different headings by supercomputers and then they have been categorised in many and various ways. It is more than likely that you yourself have already been analysed and categorised as well as being monitored on an almost continual basis.
The would-be slave masters can draw up your computerized file and they can know personal and intimate details about you which you yourself probably dont even know. They can know how often you eat food each day and what type and quality of food you eat. They can know how many times you were intimate with your spouse in the course of your marriage. They can know how many times you visit the toilet room each day and how long you spend there. They can know if you have a guilt signature or if you have any addictions or if you are in any debt. If you belong in any of the last three categories they might then blackmail you to work for them doing a job that involves committing acts of extreme evil. They might put pressure on you to electronically harass and torture someone by wireless remote means. Many individuals currently work in the area of wirelessly electronically harassing and torturing their fellow men and women throughout the world. They do so in secret because those who are being wirelessly tortured do not know who is torturing them on an ongoing basis and they might never know.
There is a simple solution. Ask your government to disassemble and ban all of the infrastructure throughout the world which allows wireless torture. You have a moral duty to take this action because those who torture by wireless means might one day attempt to torture one of your children and you would be unable to protect that child from this aforementioned torture.
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