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Every organ, body part, chakra, gland, thought, feeling and belief emits a unique energy signature.
Every time we move a muscle we generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which has been calibrated by science.
Each unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity has been compiled into a type of dictionary of nearly all possible unique patterns of electromagnetic frequency activity which is possible for the human brain and body to generate and in this type of dictionary each unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity is then matched with what muscle movement that particular pattern generates.
If you for instance sign your name you generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity. This precise activity which your brain generates when you sign your name can be read from a distance because that precise information which the signing of your name generates can be encoded in a carrier wave and then transmitted by wireless electronic means to an unknown location. This encoding and then transmitting of electromagnetic frequencies is known as frequency modulation.
Demodulation is the recovery of original information at the distant end from the carrier which is achieved by criminal scientists in order to decipher the information which came to them encoded on the carrier wave. Once criminal scientists have obtained the unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which is needed to create your signature they can then recreate your signature whenever they wish. They can also use brain entrainment frequencies to lull you into a temporary state of disengagement or lack of concentration while at the same time they would resend you the unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which allows you to sign your name to a document and they would then enable you to forget that you have signed said document forever if necessary. This system of unethical signature generation is occurring widely across the world right now.
Scientists can temporary lull a victim of electromagnetic fequency attacks into a state of mental disengagement of certain parts of their brain or body for a short space of time and said criminals can then send signals to the mind of that victim in order to enable that victim to generate a considerable amount of writing which does not originate from the mind or the brain of that victim. This is known as automatic writing and this capability of automatic writing is backed by science and has nothing whatsoever to do with the supernatural.

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Those who eat processed food and drink tap water have dust sized technology inside them which has saturated throughout all parts of their brains and bodies and they have been wirelessly connected from that internal technology to a central computerized control system. They have then been analysed under a variety of different headings by supercomputers and then they have been categorised in many and various ways. It is more than likely that you yourself have already been analysed and categorised as well as being monitored on an almost continual basis.
The would-be slave masters can draw up your computerized file and they can know personal and intimate details about you which you yourself probably dont even know. They can know how often you eat food each day and what type and quality of food you eat. They can know how many times you were intimate with your spouse in the course of your marriage. They can know how many times you visit the toilet room each day and how long you spend there. They can know if you have a guilt signature or if you have any addictions or if you are in any debt. If you belong in any of the last three categories they might then blackmail you to work for them doing a job that involves committing acts of extreme evil. They might put pressure on you to electronically harass and torture someone by wireless remote means. Many individuals currently work in the area of wirelessly electronically harassing and torturing their fellow men and women throughout the world. They do so in secret because those who are being wirelessly tortured do not know who is torturing them on an ongoing basis and they might never know.
There is a simple solution. Ask your government to disassemble and ban all of the infrastructure throughout the world which allows wireless torture. You have a moral duty to take this action because those who torture by wireless means might one day attempt to torture one of your children and you would be unable to protect that child from this aforementioned torture.
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"An academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person's head. "The signal can be a 'message from God' that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender." In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone's head. The patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects."
~~ Washington Post article on electronic harassment and voices in the head, 1/14/07 The
Our thoughts, inner visions and memories are possibly being read through reading our brain waves and then putting them through the EEG reader. Groups of potentials are detected and then used to map speech, inner vision and memories. Solaris Blue Raven.

If a terror technician obtains your DNA sample and your unique brain signature they can then communicate directly into your brain. This process is being carried out by operatives who ultimately work for intelligence agencies. These intelligence agencies are now fused into one group and centrally controlled in a world head office. My unique brain signature has been obtained and many terror technitians force me to listen to their voices every day on a constant basis for the past sixteen years. When they are communicating to my brain they also send other signals which force me to see moving images, smell odors, experience false sensations of being touched, experience forced muscle movement , experience mood changes and a variety of other experiences which they use to electronically harass and psychologically torture me with throughout each and every day of my life. While this technology remains classified, governments and police forces can not protect the human race from in-home  wirelessly enabled psychological torture and enslavement via these wirelessly enabled directed energy weapons. I keep an online blog of what these terror operatives say to me and about me to their colleagues by using inner voice technology, in order to warn the rest of the human race what to expect if they ever are targeted in this manner in the future.
"Electronic loading is going on all the time while you are in front of your computer. This electronic loading will be used against you after you go to sleep even if your computer is not placed anywhere in your bedroom when you sleep. If you use earthing equipment in order to earth yourself while you sleep the earlier effects of the electronic loading on your brain and body will then be negated."
"We have markers put into all food, even non-processed food, through trade agreements. We can detect wide varieties of food as it travels through the alimentary canal. We detect our own markers whenever the subject for non-consensual experimentation is sitting on the toilet, evacuating their bowels or bladder. We conduct all of our wireless experimentation from a remote location and by the use of directed energy weapons and we remain unknown to the non-consensual human subject at all times."
"What kind of pocket money has she.?"
"Incomplete analysis of the bowel. We dont know what is going to happen in the future but this is not going to get us any awards."

"We have to sit here and listen to much of what we say repeated back to us and it is proving most disconcerting." I myself believe that was said by one of the neuro operatives because I constantly repeat loudly much of what they say to me so that all of their colleagues can hear what each of them says to me privately.
I received a notification from my electricity company informing me that my electricity would be cut off for one day next week due to essential maintenance work. A voice of a neuro staff member was then heard by me to say the following - "We wont be able to work that day because a legal interruption to the electricity supply does not allow us to transmit our own electricity to the household which is without electricity and a supply of electricity is mostly essential for our type of work."
I was listening to a program on internet radio about gender confusion which lead to a discussion about a celebrity who was born as a girl and now is living as a man. The voice of a neuro staff member which I heard coming from inside my head was then heard by me to say the following "Subliminal information is broadcast to her repeatedly via information warfare telepathy to make her believe she is a man."
"The tap water has been saturated with poisonous chemicals in order to subdue the masses and in order to shorten their lives."
"We have fifteen or twenty safe-links installed in the system pertaining to Gretta Fahey."
"This woman, Gretta Fahey rarely ever leaves her home in the West of Ireland countryside and yet she knows the name of system managers such as Keith Arganine and Andrew Partagenet who are both based out of London, England and who know each other. System managers are responsible for knowing the whole event. Andrew Partagenet oversees Keith Arganine. The rest of us who work out of London are technical assistants to the control system."
My name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My website is called My Landine Home Phone Number is 0949360901. I am a genuine targeted individual and I have never received payment for my online posts and I never would accept payment. I have never met any of the individuals who target me with directed energy weapons and inner voice transmitting technologies and I dont know who they are. Because the technology now being used against me and many others throughout the Republic of Ireland remains classified, the Irish Gardai can not assist us when we complain to them about our experiences and neither can the Irish government. The act of classifying technology leads to granting unlimited power to the individuals who have access to said classified technology, which has down through the years created an enormous differential in power between the viewers of the classified material and those who do not have access to it. This situation must be recified as a matter of urgency. We must canvas to have all classified material across the board rendered unclassified because those in the know are using this unlimited power against the rest of the human race for the purposes of slowly and incrementally technologically enslaving each and every one of us.

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Mind control is now so strong that it can sometimes override our own attitudes.

The technology induced voices which I hear coming from inside my head have just informed me that whenever I am about to send out a letter to my local County Councillor the directed energy weapons operatives who generate my internal voices make it their business to discover who exactly I am sending the letter to. These unknown directed energy weapons operatives claim to know the unique energy s...ignatures of all of the County Councillors throughout the whole island of Ireland. The directed energy weapons operatives would then contact the unique energy signature of the recipient of the letter wirelessly by use of their advanced technology.
They claim that they can read the thoughts of the letter recipient in real time and they deliver the following message to said letter recipient before my letter arrives on their desk. "In the interest of peace and security please do not entertain any letter from this individual."

The unknown directed energy weapons operatives who are responsible for generating my inner voices have informed me that they now know all of the unique energy signatures of the British Senior League. Therefore they now can control their attitudes at will. This would not be as relevant as it is if we were to dismantle all telephone masts immediately.

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