"Regiment these people so that they are obedient to us". I heard those words coming from inside my head because I have been non-consensually implanted with two way voice technology. The military and the intelligence services have been non-consensually implanting their fellow human beings with many and varied types of technology over the past few decades for the purposes of controlling them. This fact is still not widely known for reasons of national security which is in reality national suicide. Further to that I heard another unknown person speaking to me through the same medium who informed me that the speaker who wishes us all to be regimented into a state of complete obedience to this criminal syndicate is called Andrew Partagenet. I don't know anybody called Andrew Partagenet and I dislike posting names on my posts but in order to raise awareness of the slow and insidious enslavement policies of the dark new world order criminal syndicate I am beginning to post the names that I am being given by these inner voices. We must disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities urgently in order to stop this in-home wireless harassment and torture that many are currently experiencing because of advanced wireless torture capabilities.

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