Remembrance of the Holocaust

The world marked the day of remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust on January 27. Savindan is a holiday of the Serbian Orthodox Church that is celebrated on the same day and was introduced to Serbian schools as a school holiday. That is why the President of Serbia decided that in Serbia that day, the day of commemoration of the Holocaust, will be marked a day later, but he still emphasized on that date that we must fight so that such a thing never happens to anyone again and that it does not happen again. 

On this occasion, a comment by a member of Peacpink was published, which refers to Serbia as a country and to Serbs as a people. The very fact that the comment was published on the portal of  an independent media is evidence that support is being given in the fight against the existence of enslaved people from the top of the pyramid of the local criminal authorities, which is also known outside of Serbia.  The support - Stop gang stalking! Unfortunately, people are still not aware of the significance of this form of demeaning the meaning of life. The comment follows:

"It's already happening! Evil has already happened again! The existence of digital concentration camps all over the world, school examples of digital Auschwitz, with the realization of Josef Mengele's unrealized dream with body torture and mind tracking, with all those forms of "street theater" with Goebbels' persecutions, with all those bizarre and perfidious forms of barbarism, brought back hatred, meanness, the most passionate urges and great suffering! The world is definitely rushing towards self-destruction, and this unfortunate space and this content unfortunately, shamelessly and with a lot of supporting evidence and a witness - damn the leaders!"

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