Here's a little theory to throw your way. Let me know if you agree or not. So with this “anxiety” attack happening to me as I type this, this got me thinking, what if there's someone pressing certain buttons at the military base to send the thoughts of paranoia, fear, embarrassment, humiliation, increased heart rate (blood pressure rises?), people pointing their fingers and laughing (images), or whatever to my mind? I can see one or more people sitting at a desk of some sort pressing certain commands on their computer screen to attack the targeted individual. Dumb ass military fucks. Maybe when the computer reads (scans) people's thoughts and saves in on to another computer, then once that data is saved on the other computer, the perpetrators then translate (maybe) it into words and sentences so they know what the individual sees, hears, tastes, smells, touches, or whatever. Then by them knowing this, they create a delusion of paranoia by collecting certain phrases, images, thoughts, interactions, etc, etc, etc from the individual's past and re-create the “anxiety” attacks I go through or you go through. Which could explain all of the repetitiveness that goes on in my mind when the “anxiety” attacks happen. Right now as I type this, they are trying to scare me with thoughts of paranoia. I know there's nothing to be paranoid about, because apparently if they were out to get me, they would of a long time ago and not keep repeating this thought over and over each time my “anxiety” attack happens. The thing that annoys me about this attack is when they repeat a certain phrase in my mind, they then attack my heart either during or after the phrase has been said. Over, and over, and over, and over until I guess I fall asleep (if I will be able to tonight). And then it starts over again when they feel it's time for me to have another “anxiety” attack. Thoughts?

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