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Book: "My Direct Voice Hearing vol.1" on sale.

 This book contains few months length typing up of the V2K conversation. They seemed to be engaged in the endless radio talking over threats, persuasions, and criminal investigations. 25 dollars. Over 11,000 words and 300 pages. It has the extra section "100 questions to the Direct Voice Hearing Speakers" and their replies.



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Here's a little theory to throw your way. Let me know if you agree or not. So with this “anxiety” attack happening to me as I type this, this got me thinking, what if there's someone pressing certain buttons at the military base to send the thoughts of paranoia, fear, embarrassment, humiliation, increased heart rate (blood pressure rises?), people pointing their fingers and laughing (images), or whatever to my mind? I can see one or more people sitting at a desk of some sort pressing certain commands on their computer screen to attack the targeted individual. Dumb ass military fucks. Maybe when the computer reads (scans) people's thoughts and saves in on to another computer, then once that data is saved on the other computer, the perpetrators then translate (maybe) it into words and sentences so they know what the individual sees, hears, tastes, smells, touches, or whatever. Then by them knowing this, they create a delusion of paranoia by collecting certain phrases, images, thoughts, interactions, etc, etc, etc from the individual's past and re-create the “anxiety” attacks I go through or you go through. Which could explain all of the repetitiveness that goes on in my mind when the “anxiety” attacks happen. Right now as I type this, they are trying to scare me with thoughts of paranoia. I know there's nothing to be paranoid about, because apparently if they were out to get me, they would of a long time ago and not keep repeating this thought over and over each time my “anxiety” attack happens. The thing that annoys me about this attack is when they repeat a certain phrase in my mind, they then attack my heart either during or after the phrase has been said. Over, and over, and over, and over until I guess I fall asleep (if I will be able to tonight). And then it starts over again when they feel it's time for me to have another “anxiety” attack. Thoughts?

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Just thought I'd share to humor you

When I get these anxiety attacks (like right now), I have the usual repetitive phrases happening. I like messing with the military. Saying shit like, “is that all you got? ”Or, bring it on fucks. Every time I say something like that, the anxiety attack increases and I'll usual get a phrase saying back to me, “Oh, I'll bring it on, increase full power!” Here's an example, I'll have an anxiety attack and the phrases, so far so good, will keep repeating it self in my head. Well, then I'll say, “is that it?” Is that all you got you military douche bags?”And suddenly the anxiety attack will increase or double, and now I will have not only the, so far so good, thoughts, but also the, please make it stop, and so forth thoughts repeating themselves even more repetitively. This is absolutely funny shit. I just thought I'd share this. Humor is a good tool to use by the way. Stay strong you guys, something is bound to happen. I don't know when or how, but something has got to give away eventually.

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My "Anxiety" attacks by the perpetrators

If you feel like reading this, then go ahead. Some areas are repetitive, but this is what I go through when my "anxiety" attacks happen. This is what the perpetrators do to me some days. Do you experience this stuff? Let me know.


This is what I go through with my “Anxiety” attacks



So far so good it's all in the hood, so far so good it's all in the hood, what was that noise? Where did theycome from...look out! So far so good it's all in the hood. That'scool. That was a close one, that was a even closer one. Look out! Sofar so good it's all in the hood. What was that noise? Where did theycome from! That's cool. That was a close one, that was even a closerone. That's cool. So far so good it's all in the hood. Like, like,like a high school cowboy...dun dun. Like like like like a highschool cowboy, dun dun. Like like like like a high school cowboy dundun. Like like like like a high school cowboy, dun dun. Like likelike like a High school cowboy, dun dun.


(Then I said shut the fuck up to these other thoughts and this is what happened after wards). Distortedthoughts and then the word, Asshole is said. Ha, ha, ha, ha ha, talesfrom the crypt. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha tales from the crypt.


(You shut the fuck up is what I said to these thoughts and this is what happened). Distorted thoughts. No,you shut the fuck up is said back to me in my mind.


I have the anxious feeling going on as I type this. Like like like like a high school cowboy, dun dun.Pressure in my skull is happening. You're an idiot James (this issaid towards me in my mind). More pressure. Even more fire power.Dun, dun, duuuunnn. Idiot is said towards me in my mind. You're suchan idiot James stupid mother fucker. Fucking pussy. Racing heartstarts and I still have pressure in my skull. Fucking...Fag...loser.Pussy ass bit...Suck a...distorted thoughts. That was a closer one,that was even a closer one. Look out! Pressure increases. Jolt(twitch) on my upper right arm. I have a hard time breathing becauseof the severe pressure in my skull. Jolt (twitch) on my right eye. Ifeel a bit shakey. So far so good it's all in the hood. What was thatnoise? Where did they come from! Look out! And the...naaaaaaaaaaathe.So far so good it's all in the hood. What was that noise? Where didthey come from! Look out! Distorted thoughts. Fucking...come onwhat...ggrr...ido...fag...fucking...err...douche...bag...so far sogood it's all in the hood.


What was...I guess, I guess this is the beginning of the end. Congratulations, you won! So far so good it'sall in the hood. What was that noise? Where did they come from. Lookout! No you're wrong there Jam...So far so good it's all in the hood.What was that noise, where did they come from. Damn it, Jaaaammmeees!That was a closer one, that was even a closer one. Look out!


Your dumb James was said about 4 times while I was typing this part. That was a closer one...distortedthoughts. That's cool. That was a close one, that was even a closerone. Look out!


So, how's your day is said 3 times while I type this part. Pressure is still present in my skull.Forever, trust me. We're on the high way to hell. Twitch on my rightshoulder blade. Where on the, where on, where on, where on, where on,where on, where on, where on, where on, where on, blah blah blah blahblah! What the fuck. That was a close one! That was a closer one!Look out! So far so good, it's all in the hood. Peace out douche bag.Idiot. Fucking faggot. That's not what I said douche bag!


And then I ended the rest of what was being said in my mind on 11/18/2010. So now you know what happenswith my anxiety attacks and what I am going through every time itstarts.


I usually record what's happening to me on my computer. Actually, I have been doing this for quite some time.

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The Military communicated to me through meditation

I talked to the voice in my head and this what I wrote down below:


While meditating, the voice inside my head communicated with me and was explaining to me that the other voices are computer generated. Sometimes I'll get a certain voice that will say a certain phrase to see if I'm lying or not, an inbetted code of some sort shot directly to my brain to see if I'm telling the truth because the mind then picks up on the code and then reacts to it. And then by reacting to it, the computer can see if I'm lying or not. (Like what they do to terrorists). The reason why I get pressure in my skull is because the computer is scanning my brain to read my thoughts. Sometimes when I get a sharp pain in my neck and a jerk in my neck, it's because there's a higher amount of radiation being shot to my brain. The voice inside my mind would not discuss the reasons why prophet Yahweh was chosen. Those things in the sky that he was summoning will not be disclosed, it is classified material. If I keep fighting with these things, I will keep losing and suffering. I decided to follow and see what the voice would have me do. The voice wanted me to destroy some of my typed word documents about mind control, but lucky I didn't recycle them.


Prophet Yahweh is a man that can summon alien space crafts by the voice in his head commanding him to. Here is the link to the news video of him summoning one:




A while back I hear a faint voice say in my head say to me while I was trying to go to sleep, write this down. At first I hesitated, then I got up to write it down and this is what the voice told me to write down:


James Colbert and Steven Adams - Military Police


Why, you may ask? I dunno? But yesterday when I was meditating, I asked the voice inside my head about these people and it said that they cannot be googled searched. If anyone has anything that they can add to this, please let me know.

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