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  they all include sets from wilson's staff in my opinion these wouldn't appeal to an intermediate or advanced level golfer alright so at this point we know that we should create a holistical blog post with freshness as. the angle we also know that. the content should likely be targeted at beginners a couple common sets that were mentioned in all posts were. the callaway stratas as well as a set from wilson's staff now it's important to note that you don't have to include these in your post but it's simply an observation i had made we also saw that. the top two out of three pages had top picks for categories like best game improvement clubs as well as best clubs for. the money finally we know that. the subheading should be. the name of. the club set another thing i recommend before you start writing is to do a content gap analysis at. the page level a content gap analysis at. the page level will show you common keywords that. the top pages are ranking for where your page isn't but since we don't have a page we can still find common keyword rankings amongst a few top ranking pages using ahrefs content gaap tool to get started go to hr site explorer . paste in any one of. the urls next head on over to. the content gap tool now i'm going to take. the three urls we analyzed . put them all in. the top section of this tool so what this is saying is show us keywords that any of these targets rank for where at least one of them ranks in. the top 10. now if i run. the search you'll be able to see. the keywords that these pages rank for in. the position that they're ranking it as a general rule of thumb. the more urls that rank high for. the keywords. the more relevant it'll be to your content so to narrow our search down a bit i'll click on. the intersections drop down . select both two . three intersections meaning only show me keywords where at least two of our targets are ranking in google . at least one of those targets is ranking in. the top 10. from here just skim through. the list . look for interesting subtopics that might be worth adding to your post in addition you may be able to learn some interesting things about. the audience as well as. the language they use so as you can see people who search for this quarry are mostly looking for men's clubs people want to know. the best clubs for. the money they want to see cheaper options others are looking specifically for a set of irons these are all things you should consider as you craft your content all right so armed with this information you should be able to create a great post with a searcher in mind . while. the content is. the most important part there are also a few more technical on-page optimizations you should do let's go through a few of. the most important ones first is to include your target keyword in your title when it makes sense adding your target keyword to your title should come naturally for example our title for this post is 45 best free seo tools tried . tested . free seo tools is our target keyword now there will be times when it makes more sense to use a close variant of your target keyword for example this post is targeting. the query how to get youtube subscribers but our title is 9 ways to get more youtube subscribers because we went for. the listicle angle. the next thing you can do is to use a short . descriptive url slug short . descriptive urls help people immediately understand what. the page is about before even visiting them just look at these two urls they're on. the exact same topic but one is much more descriptive than. the other this part of. the url is called. the slug .. the easiest way to choose your slug is to use your target keyword where spaces will be replaced with hyphens again you should only do this when it makes sense so you don't need to worry about forcing it now if you're wondering if you should use subfolders to describe categories that's entirely up to you alright next is. the meta description. the meta description is html code that's meant to briefly summarize your page . search engines often use this text right within. the serp to my best knowledge meta descriptions aren't used as a ranking signal but they can influence click-through rates . for that reason i think it's important to add to your pages now it's important to note that according to our study of 192 000 pages we found that google rewrote meta descriptions nearly 63 percent of. the time so i wouldn't spend a ton of time on them but you should still include them alright next up is to add internal links to . from your pages internal links are links from one page on. the same domain to another . they're super powerful because they can pass link authority to other relevant pages . they also help search engines better understand a page's contents for example if i had a site in. the careers niche . i was writing a post about how to write a cover letter then i definitely want to add internal links from other relevant pages like one on how to write a resume more importantly visitors who want to learn how to write a resume would probably want to know how to write a cover letter . vice versa to find opportunities you can go to google . search for sitecolon .  


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