Posted on August 27, 2019 by gretta fahey
A group of psychopathic and sadistic individuals have decided to enslave their fellow human beings by first of all setting up a social credit score system where we would be awarded high scores if we grovelled to them and were subserviently obedient to them as well as being obedient to all of their many and varied rules. They would also punish anyone who dared to disobey them and they punishment would be administered wirelessly and from a remote location. First of all they plan to wirelessly link each and everyone of us to a pre-programmed computerized human control system if they are allowed to have the large bandwidth that they need in order to achieve this universal wireless enslavement through making fifth generation wireless technology mandatory in all countries throughout the world.
We already may have the necessary nano particulates inside our bodies because it was sprayed on us from the air. Further to this other necessary implants are thought to have been injected into us in the disposable needles which are being used to vaccinate us. The nano material may have spread around the human body via the blood stream because of the fungus like material which was also deliberately sprayed on us in order to facilitate this. However, the nano particulates may or may then leave the human body if it is not pushed further into the muscles of that human body by neuro operatives who are employed to target certain individuals and to push the nano particulates from the human blood stream into the human musculature in order to be able to take eventual external control of the musculature of those pre-selected targeted individuals of which I am one. I have been targeted from total external control which is also known as human bio-robotization. The unknown neuro operatives whose computer network I am wirelessly linked to can now move my facial and neck muscles against my will. My right hand is now taking on a life of its own. Many other targeted individuals whose names I have recorded have voiced similar complaints online.
If we dared to question the right of the slave masters to enslave us and if we continued to disobey their rules they would then make an example of the targeted individuals that they have already partially prepared for human bio-robotization so that nobody else would dare question them ever again. Please disassemble and ban all wirelessly enabling capabilities across the world right now. Science and technology have been taken too far and we are on the edge of a nightmare. Please act now. My whole story is to be found at my website which is called Psychiatrists are under psychological control. They have been inculcated into the cult of psychiatry which has no basis in science whatsoever. It is being used to over ride the legal process in order to place good will human beings on a psychiatric hold whenever they wish to warn the public of the danger we are all in at this pivotal time in the history of the human race.

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