Some people - some of us - Can naturally sense foreign thoughts andfeelings. Empathy is a prosess when we can go into an emotional statewhat is expressed or have seen on others. The psychology science sadthet you cannot feel the emotion of the others! This is a lie. You canwith some differencies (you know that the feeling is not yours, you areconsious about if you have not or have got the same problem).
Mind reading is natural.
Carl G. Jung wrote some interesting notes about this subject inMemories, Dreams, Thoughts.
Some early kopt christian monk Antonius father withdrawn in the desertcould sense the thought of those who where coming to see him from longdistences.
Ken Wilbur wrote that we are toghether deep inside of us (think ofJung's concept of collective unconsious) like on our hands: we are thefingers but we are connected together just forgotten about theconnection and in our mind is only the top of the finger.
Also look up Herbert Hellinger's notion of morphogenetic fields.

I have special abilities (wich are not very special as you think) wichcan be called as special sensitivity, or hypervigilance, or extremeemphaty, or even mind reader skills. I am telling you: everyone is amindreader. There is no thought wich does belong to you.
These devil guys are devil, but by using these thechnologies they arelifting us up on a higher or deeper understandig of ourselfs. And theycannot make the mind reading process one way process. When they readsomeone's mind that target person can recieve information from thereader's mind. This is something what they really did not expected. Nowthey have to use "firewalls" persons who are hypnotised and do not knowabout they're real goals. As a target survives a few attepmpts, wich isabout to get him/her insane or suicide, he/she gets stronger and getsinformations and knowledge about them.
I have gathered some of these infos. When they realize that the targetis too "smart" they have to use firewalls all he time. So these guys(firewalls) become targets too. And so on. And our community is growing.And a lot of us dies.
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