Targeted Individual Valuable Tip.
I own a small ozone generator. I used to regularly drink ozonated water as I believed it was beneficial for my health. The v2k voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past persuaded me to stop drinking the ozonated water because they said it would increase the ozygen in my body and thereby enhance their ability to work on my body, and they were claiming to be secretly working against the control system so they wished... to give me a change to save myself. Unfortunately I believed them and I stopped drinking the ozonated water.
However, I have since found out by listening to British scientist Tim Rifat that ozone fries the nano particles in our brains and bodies. I should have continued to drink the ozonated water at that time. It would have eventually set me free from the hold that the neuro weapons operatives had over me at that time.
We should all drink ozonated water. The ozone generator was reasonably priced but I had to get it from the U.S.A. as they were not available any closer to home.
Never trust the internal voice command and control. That is what they called themselves. They will no longer have jobs as soon as the telephone masts are dismantled.

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