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When the human race succeeds in destroying and outlawing all microwave and millimetre wave transmitters as well as all telephone masts,  GWEN towers and phased arrays we will then be free from wireless enslavement via both body control and mind control forever.  This ongoing wireless enslavement of human beings is called Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation.   We will return to a state of absolute freedom, forever free from the attempted enslavement of the human race by dark occultists who currently own and control all worldwide banks, many corporations, the crown corporation, the United Nations, the Vatican, Washington DC, the London Financial District, the Pentagon, the British Commonwealth and much more  The existence of satellites is an easily proven hoax.  All worldwide data travels via undersea fibre optic cables.  Many senior politicians and news editors and police chiefs may already be controlled by Remote Neural Monitoring.  Please raise awareness of the urgent need to have microwave transmitters disabled and banned forever.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to the audio cortex of a human brain thereby forcing that human being to hear voices of military/intelligence personnel totally against the will of said human being.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to the visual cortex of a human brain thereby forcing that human being to see visions put their by artificial means.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to the motor cortex of a human brain thereby forcing that human being to move their muscles against their will.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to detect the subvocalizations of a human being thereby enabling military/industrial personnel to read the private thoughts of said human being totally against their will and to reply to them in real time via signals being returned to the audio cortex.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to sub-dermal implants  of a human being which may be translated into pain signals at the point of impact.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to surveil all five senses of a human being.

Remote Neural Monitoring can effectively be carried out without any physical contact with the targeted human being.

The stringent laws of psychiatry are being used to cover the existence and extreme dangers of Remote Neural Monitoring.   Mind Control is  being used against psychiatrists and others in order to suppress all knowledge of Remote Neural Monitoring.

I personally know of many individuals throughout the island of Ireland who are wirelessly tethered to a supercomputer for the purposes of facilitating Remote Neural Monitoring of them. They no longer complain to the Gardai because they are continually being disbelieved as well as being considered insane. They can not prove that they are being Remote Neural Monitored because wirelessly enabled directed energy is invisible. Combined with this anybody who claims that they hear voices and their thoughts are being read are being ridiculed by sections of the main stream media. The overwhelming power of ridicule is impossible to fight against.

Please organise to your senior politicians to have all microwave transmitters urgently disabled and banned in your area.

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Targeted Individual Valuable Tip.
I own a small ozone generator. I used to regularly drink ozonated water as I believed it was beneficial for my health. The v2k voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past persuaded me to stop drinking the ozonated water because they said it would increase the ozygen in my body and thereby enhance their ability to work on my body, and they were claiming to be secretly working against the control system so they wished... to give me a change to save myself. Unfortunately I believed them and I stopped drinking the ozonated water.
However, I have since found out by listening to British scientist Tim Rifat that ozone fries the nano particles in our brains and bodies. I should have continued to drink the ozonated water at that time. It would have eventually set me free from the hold that the neuro weapons operatives had over me at that time.
We should all drink ozonated water. The ozone generator was reasonably priced but I had to get it from the U.S.A. as they were not available any closer to home.
Never trust the internal voice command and control. That is what they called themselves. They will no longer have jobs as soon as the telephone masts are dismantled.

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Shielding technologies and strategies to lessen and stop directed energy.Today there was a conf call that discussed very useful shielding technologies from a company that makes shielding for the medical industry.http://mcvictimsworld.ning.com/forum/attachment/download?id=2301601%3AUploadedFi38%3A11881the link above is a conf call that provides very useful solutions to solving some of the problems of directed energy.Eric Evans of http://www.ramayes.com provides shielding for the Medical Industry, Civilians, the FAA and has ideas that can HELP America and the world.
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