The Army nowhere

One of the few Serbs in Afghanistan, Aleksandar Cvejic, managed, with the help of a Croat friend who worked for the same employer, to get out of Kabul and return to Gracanica, Kosovo. In his earlier appearance and the appearance of another Serb, the Serbian public feared for their lives, and most of us for the lives of innocent Afghans. The words that there is chaos, fear, horror, the coming lawlessness, the darkest forebodings sounded dramatic, and these words “and The Army is catastrophically bad”, ”the Army nowhere” sounded terrifying!

The horror that I personally know, here in Serbia, I is not the one  which is talked about by journalists of independent media, even those who were professional soldiers who suffered from delinquency of opinion and who announce the collapse of everything in this area and at this time “which long ago turned into Joseph Conrad’s vision ‘The  heart of darkness’”. If I see the reality I am surrounded by, in the same way, and I see it, I could say and “The Army nowhere.”

My “The Army nowhere” is perfectly personal and is related to what is called decades of torture, surveillance, Goebbels propaganda, mind control, directed behavior, destruction of health, leading to suicide, gruesome persecution, engaging the public in bestial complicity, the most horrific abuse of science, dream programming, revelation for breaking  and humiliating my target family.

The following are the reasons why I call out The Army:

  1. Persecution by high military technology, and not just the illegal exposure of the public, my family and me since 1986, begins with “minor patriotic wars”, as irresponsibly interpreted horrors seen in Europe for the first time since World War II. My position, very open and well-intentioned, was that it was the worst possible option for solving political problems. This provoked the anger of the notorious government in the world against all of us. Because of that, we have experienced various forms of persecution and disavowal and I was presented as a traitor. Upon the return of the old authorities in 2012, my older son, a like-minded and rebel, became again their target. In his persistent resistance, he was forced by high military technology to choose between life without freedom and freedom without life, fully aware under the treats of “hearing voices” of the growing horror that awaits him!
  2. If in one country there is a public persecution of civilians in peace, high military technology, which in much of the world is called psychotronic, digital, black or electronic terrorism, is not among the other duties that The Army has and that – the fight against all forms of terrorism?
  3. Studying ganstalking or psychotronic terrorism on the Peacepink website, I found that in 2016. Mr. Antoni Macierewicz, Ministry of National Defense (2015-2018) held a meeting with a group of citizens of his country who claimed to be targeted individuals, promising them support, investigation and cooperation, knowing that when it comes to high military technology it is the duty of both The Army and the Ministry of National Defense. On several occasions, I have written to the current Minister and the accompanying of the Army.
  4. A serious reason why I address The Army with accusations in the data from my son’s life. In 1999. when Serbia was bombed as a high school student, my son thought that it was his duty to defend the attacked country and to play around the military checkpoints - in vain! It was forbidden to mobilize teenagers. On the shelf, in addition to other photos of my child, there is also a photo from the later obligatory service in The Army, on which it says “I swear by honor and life”! The defense of the country is implied! On one occasion there, he put the fire in the barracks with his bare hands and received ten days of rewarded leave. They kept him to stay as a professional, but his job at the audit firm was waiting for him.
  5. The next reason I turn to The Army is – I am a military child! My father fought for this country as a partisan, he was an officer of the Yugoslav Army. He was very honest. He had problems in his career because he was a whistleblower. He would be called a fool today. My grandfather, a resident of Bosnia after the assassination carried out by Gavrilo Princip to avoid being mobilized in the Austro-Hungarian army and sent to Serbia to fight against the Serbs, in the military camp where he was housed, starved himself and brought up to 50 kg. He was very handsome and 190 cm tall. He drank tobacco at the same time – he dipped the tobacco in water, waited a couple of hours and drank it! They told him he would get tachycardia that way! At the examination, they stated that he was a “scrap”, that he was not for the Army. My grandfather, the Serb, managed to find a way not to shoot at Serbs, but he remained seriously heartbroken. His son, my uncle was in the partisans all the years of the war as well, and died just before the liberation. I live in a country where they would say about them – they are some fools!

My husband’s father, my children’s grandfather, was a royal officer. After the capitulation of Serbia on April 17, 1941, he was captured and spent all the years of the war in a concentration camp in Lowe Saxony. When the Americans liberated the camp, they called on him to go with them after a new state was established – the socialist republic! Although from an educated and wealthy family, he played the violin, and even a royal officer, he refused because he was attracted to the idea of social equality and justice, and he loved his country. He made a mistake! They never trusted him, although he had a job as a former detainee. Everyone would say about him now – what a fool. He will never know that his grandson who bore his name Dusan will spend five- sixths of his life in a digital concentration camp, the Auschwitz school, where he will die so young in the country he returned to.

  1. Thanks to high military technology. I heard the threat of being shot in the legs and my son being shot in the head with the qualification that he was a fool. To my warning, my son had an answer that Serbs would comment on – what a fool! He said, “For freedom, life is worth giving!” This country and this people did not deserve us. Recently, the famous rocker we all listened to for decades had a concert. Sang the song:”Fools die for ideals”. At the time when his old song was being written, it meant condemning such an attitude, and now it means recognition, since he also sided with the authorities and the time that swallowed almost everything worthwhile.


Am I blind? Do I have the illusion that such an old woman and my older rebellious son should have been protected by the Army both in their duty, because of our human values and because of our ancestors. Was I naïve? What is there to think about? What nonsense! The Army nowhere! Still, I am hurt by the answer that is being imposed on me!

The Army behind everything 


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