The Colony

In the country where I live and in its capital, where I live, a long-announced “ecological uprising” or protests against serious environmental pollution are being prepared. The day before that event, they published my next comment on a column of “gloomy” content by a great journalist of rare independent media:

“On a foreign portal, when asked if we already unknowingly live in the nightmare world of Margaret Atwood’s story, my answer was – yes. I wrote that the space, content and the time in which I live are scarier than the content of a series and a book that has upset the world. The reason why I want to upset you is related to the topic of your column. In the second part of my comment, I stated that I see the country I am calling from in the future as a Colony, which is ‘there somewhere’ in the world of Margaret Atwood’s dystopia and to which those who oppose the new system are being sent. The colony is a huge, uninhabited landfill, full of all kinds of garbage, nuclear, chemical, biological…It is clear to everyone that life once existed there and that some civilizational breakthrough, some crime must have taken place …

Apart from this gloomy vision of the future, this will be my contribution to your bells. Let the bells of the ‘uprising’ ring if they have anyone!”

On September 11, I planted some more rosemary and lavender seedlings in the cemetery. As always, I would say that I know that I should never give up.

On September 11. protests were held in Belgrade against environmental pollution. Several thousand people were present. They said that 15.000 people die in Serbia every year from polluted air.

On September 11, repeated protests took place in Sarajevo, “Justice for David, Justice for Dzenan”, where several thousand people demanded the discovery of the killers of young men in two separate events, a Serb and a Muslim. Police and judicial institutions tried to heal those murders!

On September 11. more than 120.000 demonstrators protested again in a number of French cities over the introduction of the so-called health Covid passports.

On September 11, Greek police smashed demonstrations in Thessaloniki with tear gas and water cannons due to mandatory vaccination.

On September 11, exactly 20 years have passed since the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of mankind carried out on American soil. That day changed the world!

What should happen if that what we talk about in vain, why we suffer, seek justice - change the consciousness of the rest of humanity? Is it possible that no one but us sees psychotronic terrorism surpassing in many parameters and not just in the quantum of evil, this one that everyone is terrified of and condemned?


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